Mobile Home Outfitters


Mobile Home Outfitters

Business Type:
B2C - Home Improvement

Project Goal:
Paid Advertising ROI

The Challenge

Mobile Home Outfitters is a one-stop-shop and essential resource for all the parts and supplies people need for their manufactured homes. The company has over 40 years of experience in serving the manufactured housing industry. But prior to engaging with Avalaunch, their digital presence was limited. They approached Avalaunch to build an omni-channel digital marketing strategy to drive awareness, traffic and conversions. The company’s revenue goal upon engagement was to hit $150,000 per month, while maintaining at least a 3X MER (Marketing Efficiency Report).

The Approach

In order to drive fast revenue and results, Avalaunch began by focusing heavily on Google paid advertising campaigns. The team pushed shopping and search campaigns alongside dynamic display remarketing campaigns. Avalaunch also began to focus on search engine optimization by conducting detailed keyword analysis and building unique and relevant content for highest-demand products with the best profit margins.

4 Pillars of Avalaunch SEO Strategy

4 Pillars of Avalaunch SEO Strategy

The Results

The Avalaunch team far surpassed the revenue goals and was able to achieve a 621% year-over-year revenue growth, an 84% increase in average order value, a 291% increase in total orders and a 250% increase in total site visitors.

Avalaunch Media has nearly two decades of experience in working with home services and home products companies. This case study is one of many examples of the success we’ve experienced in the industry. If you are looking for a home services or goods marketing agency, please contact Avalaunch Media for a free consultation.