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Shook & Stone is Nevada’s premier personal injury law firm, specializing in workers’ compensation, auto accidents, social security disability, and slip and fall accidents.

The Challenge

Shook & Stone had a poor experience with their former agency. Their previous campaign lacked strategy, testing, and a clear direction of goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). Most of their budget was spent on a competitor campaign that resulted in low cost per acquisition (CPA) but non-converting leads. From this campaign, potential leads would call Shook & Stone, but quickly inquire about other law firms — and a separate auto accident campaign resulted in only 1 to 2 leads per month.

There were several missing aspects that limited Shook & Stone’s previous strategy. First of all, spending the marketing budget efficiently was not a priority, and there were no new budget or strategy recommendations after the initial campaign did not appear to be working. There was no attempt to retarget leads with Display or YouTube ads. The former agency also did not recommend campaigns specific to Reno, where Shook & Stone has an office.

The strategy was also missing

Shook & Stone turned to Avalaunch to increase leads through calls and onsite form fills, utilizing multi-channel strategy, set OKRs, and recommendations for overall growth.

The Approach


Avalaunch Media shifted the client’s strategy to focus on their key areas of practice: workers’ compensation, personal injury, auto accidents, social security disability, and slip and fall accidents. Avalaunch established objectives and key results, setting goals across search and display. They also created YouTube TrueView ads and display ads with custom intent to achieve key results.

The largest win came from a “wild bet” on a maximize-click bidding strategy. Avalaunch hypothesized that cost per conversion (CPC) rates would become too expensive within the law vertical. To combat this, they used a bid cap to significantly decrease CPCs and increase impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Avalaunch also paused the “competitor” campaign and spread the budget around to other practice areas. CPAs went up, but started converting more leads into clients. As Avalaunch continued to grow new campaigns, Shook & Stone decided to significantly increase spend, as they were already seeing more business.

4 Pillars of Avalaunch Media PPC Strategy

4 Pillars of Avalaunch Media PPC Strategy

The Results

With the improved strategy, Shook & Stone saw a 103% increase in monthly qualified leads in a six month period. Phone calls, their main KPI, also increased by 127%. With optimizations and testing, Avalaunch decreased cost per lead (CPL) from $141 to $131. Avalaunch’s holistic approach to strategy also resulted in an 85% increase in site traffic, and a site speed increase from 75 to 97. The new YouTube campaign saw an increase in leads from 138 to 358 per month.

Avalaunch Media has worked with dozens of personal injury law firms and has extensive experience in helping them grow in their digital marketing. If you’re looking for a personal injury marketing agency, please reach out to us and we can schedule a discovery call – (877) 873-9298.