A Winning PPC Strategy for WPS



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Western Psychological Services (WPS) is a global industry leader in autism assessment; its assessments are used by professionals worldwide to evaluate, diagnose, and treat people in need.

The Challenge

When Avalaunch Media first partnered with WPS, we found that their conversion tracking was broken because their Google Ads account wasn’t quite structured properly — keywords and ad groups weren’t themed tightly, ad copy was lacking, automated bidding strategies weren’t being utilized to the fullest, and neither YouTube nor Google Shopping were being used. Our team quickly identified the need to fix conversion tracking and expand from Google search into YouTube, Bing, and Google Shopping.

The Approach

Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Shopping

Our first move was to fix the structure within Google Ads by tightly theming the WPS campaigns, ad groups, and keywords by product category. We also optimized their strategy using various Google Ads and Google Analytics attribution models as well as automated bidding strategies. We funneled most of the WPS budget into promoting their highest-performing products. 

Next, we developed YouTube campaigns and retargeted YouTube ad viewers through search. Our team installed the global site tag so we could track these campaigns closely. Then, we started Google Shopping campaigns and thoroughly tested new ad copy before implementation.

Our PPC team further created a broad-match responsive search ads (RSA) campaign to widen our reach and capture new audiences, and produced a dynamic remarketing list for search ads (RLSA) campaigns to retarget users.

The Results

After implementing our strategy, WPS enjoyed its most fruitful year ever, making more than a million sales in just one month for the first time. Paid search revenue increased from $601,833 to $2,028,840, and ROAS increased by 28%. As a result, we were able to increase ad spend by 161% because ROAS kept rising. Overall, WPS is tremendously pleased with the growth of its paid media accounts. They view us as a true partner, rather than just another agency.

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