Business Type:

Project Goal:

2for1 is a free-to-download mobile app that offers thousands of money-saving offers redeemable at the best local restaurants, spas, and leisure locations.

The Challenge

Before 2for1 partnered with Avalaunch Media, they hadn’t previously done any kind of PR outreach, nor did they have much of a social media presence or an SEO strategy to help their site. Our challenge was to help the company formulate and kick off its marketing efforts from the ground up.

Considering the current economic climate caused by the coronavirus and Utah people’s strong desire to support local restaurants, a PR approach could be the ideal way to position 2for1 for success. Our goal was to expand the client’s overall digital footprint by helping them earn ideal PR placements around Utah that would feature their Utah Restaurant Resurgence initiative. This would provide Utahns the means they wanted to support local eateries — and they’d even get free food for doing so!

The Approach

Media Outreach, Influencer Collaboration, and Social Media Work

Through a combination of outreach, influencer collaboration, and social media efforts, Avalaunch put together a multi-faceted approach to greatly expand not only the digital footprint of 2for1, but also boost its social media presence. We positioned the offers with exclusivity, both to restaurants and users, while highlighting the initiative of 2for1 from a charitable perspective. We approached their digital PR campaign with a myriad of execution tactics, which ultimately led to their success.

The Results

The eight PR placements we helped earn for 2for1 were all exclusive articles in local media outlets that highlighted the initiative. These placements were huge wins that allowed the client to grow their brand in their targeted market.

Social Media Results

The 2for1 app enjoyed excellent user engagement, Facebook activity, and brand lift over the course of the Restaurant Resurgence initiative. Over the course of 60 days, their Facebook page gained 740 new users, 9.53% week-over-week retention for returning users, and 2021 unique page engagements.

From April to May 2020, we saw a 5050% increase in page likes, a 1137% increase in page engagement, and a 1567% increase in page actions. The Utah Restaurant Resurgence Facebook group now has 437 members, and 2for1 even got 13 mentions from social media influencers.

SEO Results

The 2for1 website also experienced significant success in terms of organic traffic and backlinks, especially compared to the previous year. Over the course of 60 days, the site experienced 22 new SEO backlinks, eight PR backlinks, and 13 influencer social media mentions.

From April to May 2020, the site had an 18.4% increase in users, a 60.7% increase in on-page events, and a 54% increase in conversions. On a more granular level, the site experienced a 47% increase in organic sessions and a 10,500% increase in sessions referred by Facebook traffic.