Launching the New Kahoa Brand



Business Type:
Software Development

Project Goal:
Create a new brand that stands out from the competition

The Challenge

For over two decades, Kahoa (previously SolutionStream) has been known in Utah and across the US as a leading software development partner. Kahoa operates as a strategic digital business consultancy, and works closely with their clients to define the right things to build, then they’ll use modern agile methodologies to build them the right way.

The partners at Kahoa became concerned that their brand wasn’t standing out from the competition. As they reviewed their closest competitors and their branding, they realized that all of these software development companies had generic branding and operated “cookie cutter” websites. They felt like their current name and brand were no different and set out to rebrand their company to something that would truly stand out and drive more revenue.

The Approach

Avalaunch Media assembled a team of the best creatives including copywriters, designers, brand strategists and researchers. This team then conducted extensive interviews with key Kahoa stakeholders, clients and employees to get a strong sense of what they were looking for in a new brand. Over the course of several months, the new brand and strategy started to take shape. It started with the new brand style guide which included the new name, logo, fonts, photography, etc. It then moved to the website where the key focus was on the refreshed copy and design.

The partners at Kahoa have strong ties to the pacific islands and gravitated to a new brand that encompassed the rich tradition and spirt of these islands. Through a number of exercises, they determined to use a new name, tagline and imagery from these islands.

Strategic Approach to Brand Design and Strategy

Strategic Approach to Brand Design and Strategy

Kahoa homepage screenshot.

The Results

The entire Kahoa team couldn’t have been happier with their new name and brand. They organized a huge “unveiling” event for their team and closest partners that included all kinds of new sway for their team. The feedback in the community couldn’t have been better received.

Shortly after the launch, one of the Kahoa partners sent us this testimonial:

“We couldn’t be happier with our new website and its impact on our clients, employees and community. The Avalaunch team was instrumental in helping to us with both our written and visual identity. Our goal was to create something different and to stand out from the typical industry website. Avalaunch has always had an incredible reputation for pushing the envelope and designing outside the box. And that’s exactly what they did on this project. Our new site creates emotion that leads people to action, and that’s exactly what we wanted.”

This case study is just one of many success stories Avalaunch Media has created in digital marketing for software companies. If you’re looking for help with you new or updated brand and website, please contact us for a discovery call.