Versatile visuals. The client needed an extensive and flexible sales deck that could be tailored by sales staff depending on who they were selling to. The deck needed to be visually strong, representative of the brand, and had to deliver the sales message in a manner that anyone could understand, enjoy, and ultimately buy into.


Illustrated success. In order to keep the design engaging, we deployed illus- trations that were playful and humorous, while still being informative and digestible. So that the presenter could tailor the deck, it was broken up into several sections so that it could easily be manipulated and moved around.


Customized pitch. Workfront and Avalaunch created an effective sales tool that could be trimmed or tailored to enhance each sales pitch. The deck is used not only to assist in making a sale, but also to also train new Workfront sales staff and familiarize them with Workfront’s product.