Emery Reddy

Business Type:
L&I / Personal Injury Law Firm

Project Goal:
Increase Qualified Leads & Organic Visitors

The Challenge

Emery Reddy is an L&I (workers compensation) and personal injury law firm based in Seattle, WA. Their website was facing challenges with its SEO ranking for “L&I” and “workers compensation” related keywords.  The target keywords were spread across the site and not properly optimized for the right pages. This resulted in a poor online visibility and search engine ranking for their website, which ultimately impacted their online lead generation efforts.

The Approach

Avalaunch Media took the following steps to improve the rankings for Emery Reddy’s target keywords:

  1. Keyword research and analysis: We conducted an in-depth keyword research to understand the relevant keywords that potential clients would use to search for services offered by Emery Reddy. We then mapped the keywords to the correct pages to fix their keyword spreading and cannibalization. 
  2. On-page optimization: Based on the keyword research, we optimized the relevant pages on the Emery Reddy’s website to rank higher for the target keywords. This included updating the page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and body content to reflect the target keywords. We also removed the irrelevant keywords from the pages and added internal links where appropriate. 
  3. Content creation: We created high-quality, keyword-rich content for the Emery Reddy’s website to target the relevant keywords and provide valuable information to potential clients. This helped to increase the relevance and authority of the website for the target keywords.
  4. Link building: We built high-quality backlinks to the website from authoritative and relevant websites to increase its visibility and credibility in search engines.

UX/UI & CRO Improvements:  We updated the home page and service pages on the website to make the pages more user-friendly, while also converting more of the traffic into leads, making it easier for users to call or fill out a contact form.  This included updating imagery, forms, and calls to action.

Strategic Path for Increasing Law Firm Organic Traffic

Strategic Path for Increasing Law Firm Organic Traffic

The Results

After working with Avalaunch for one year, the SEO efforts for Emery Reddy’s website yielded the following results:

Increased website traffic: The website traffic increased by 116% YoY as a result of higher search engine rankings for the target keywords.

Improved online visibility: Emery Reddy’s website now ranks on the first page of search engine results for the target keywords, which has significantly improved their online visibility and credibility.

Increased online lead generation: The increased website traffic and improved online visibility have resulted in a significant increase in online lead generation for Emery Reddy. Their leads increased by 117% YoY.

Avalaunch Media has nearly two decades of experience in working as a digital marketing agency for personal injury law firms. If you’re looking for an agency with proven experience, please contact us today for an initial discovery call.