Credit Union

Business Type:
Financial Services

Project Goal:
Increase organic traffic to key pages

The Challenge

One of the nation’s largest and most trusted credit unions partnered with Avalaunch Media to increase their organic traffic on several key product pages. Based on research and conversion data, they had identified critical product pages that would help boost their membership base and revenue if we could drive more organic traffic. These pages included a mortgage calculator page and a loans page that focused on RV and trailer loans.

Historically the organic traffic to these pages was strong and considered as two of their top performing pages, but we believed we could increase the traffic based on our research and total search volume available. The challenge was to take the best performing pages on the site and make it better and take one of the most important calculator pages and compete in a very high difficulty keyword landscape. 

The Approach

Our strategy for the loan pages consisted of two parts; part one was changing the text so that the pages wouldn’t cannibalize each other, which we identified as happening. We found that the trailer loans page was ranking for RV terms which means it was competing with the RV page. The second part of the strategy was to implement specific financial schema to make sure Google understands that these pages are for credit union vehicle loans.


For the Mortgage calculator page we found that this page only ranking well for branded terms. To change this we added more internal links, increased the amount of copy and focused on targeting high difficulty but high reward keywords in our copy that we were ranking below page 5 for before. 

Strategic Process for Product Page SEO

Strategic Process for Product Page SEO

Transaction payment via laptop.

The Results

We successfully more than doubled the traffic to these key product pages by focusing on the right keywords that would generate high quality traffic. The mortgage calculator page saw a traffic increase of more than 104% and grew the total number of ranking keywords from 1800 to 4200 in a matter of several months. We began ranking and driving traffic on important keywords such as “30 year mortgage rates calculator” and “bank mortgage calculator. The RV and trailer loans page saw a 60% increase in a six month period of time and the traffic continues to grow every month. 


Avalaunch Media has years of experience in executing SEO and digital marketing for banks and credit unions. If you’d like to learn more about this case studies and many others in the financial industry, please contact us today.