Using Pop Culture Content to Generate MQL's



Business Type:
B2B - SaaS

Project Goal:
Increase MQL's through rich content

The Challenge

Workfront is on a mission to revolutionize how work gets done. They’re a leading SaaS company that provides a project management software that allows marketing and IT teams to define goals and map project requests against them, connect daily tasks to strategies, and boost productivity with a marketing system of record.

The company had been struggling to produce unique, engaging and relevant content for their audience. They wanted to deploy a better content marketing strategy that focused on primary data that was displayed in a unique and fresh way that would separate their content from the rest of the SaaS content clutter. They wanted to “humanize” their content and distinguish themselves from all of the other boring and mundane B2B content that is so prolific.

Workfront sought to expand its brand and solidify itself as the thought-leader in the project management software industry. The goal was to produce regular visual content to be shared socially, linked-to regularly, and posted by top-tier publications. Ultimately, they wanted to drive more organic traffic and increase their monthly qualified leads. 

The Approach

Avalaunch and Workfront collaborated to brainstorm ways to communicate new and engaging ideas. Ultimately, we decided that we wanted to conduct research around the “state of the union” of the American workforce. We believed that if we could tell the story of the typical American employee and how they were feeling about their overall work experience, we would be able to drive interest and create marketing qualified leads. 

The first project started with a survey of 2000+ American employees. In this survey we learned that workers were completely exhausted with never ending interruptions, lack of recognition, constant overtime and total burnout. The results were astonishing!

With this fresh data, we decided that we wanted to do something different than just publishing your basic and boring B2B content. We wanted something visual that would stand out and create a buzz. So we created an infographic titled “Work is Hell” and published it. This infographic was picked up everywhere! Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, etc. It was such a success that we continued to publish more infographics.

We started to publish more infographics that were themed on pop culture. The “Game of Phones” and “Walking Dead” infographics were two of our favorites. Over time we had designed dozens of these infographics and promoted them to all the top publishers. People began looking forward to the next infographics that would be coming out and Workfront quickly became known for their great content.

We had so much traction that we decided to product an annual “State of Work” whitepaper that became an annual report for teams to compare their workforce with the general population. This was a gated content piece that would generate thousands of MQL’s.


Avalaunch Content Marketing Strategy

Avalaunch Content Marketing Strategy

Workfront infographic.

The Results

The Workfront team couldn’t have been happier with the work. We ended up publishing more than 30 infographics that generated thousands of backlinks and publisher pickups. Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Business Insider and many other business publishers posted the infographics and linked to the Workfront site. Over time, Workfront became known for its incredible and unique content and many publishers even asked if they could have the first opportunity to publish.

The State of Work report became the top lead generating content piece for Workfront. It generated thousands of leads and Workfront has published the report for more than seven years in a row now. We were able to increase YOY qualified leads by more than 236% with our content marketing strategy. It also grew organic traffic by more than 300% over the two year campaign.

This is one of many examples of our B2B lead generation campaigns. If you’re looking for help with your content marketing and SEO, please reach out to us today for a free discovery call.