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Dream Systems Media has become Avalaunch Media

Dream Systems Media has become Avalaunch Media, and I am very excited to introduce all of you to a new company that boasts a fantastic team of content marketing experts, witty writers, world-class designers, social media geeks, and pay per click marketing pros — Meet the Avalaunchers. The Story I’ve been a website marketer for over […]

Facebook’s New Layout Changes Ad Space

Facebook’s new timeline layout changes the ad space as follows: Old Facebook Profile Ads New Slimmer Facebook Profile Ads  Compare the Same Facebook Ad Side by Side Differences in Facebook Ads While the ad sizes are not exact, the widths are fairly accurate. The new ad is slimmer, at about 128 pixels. The image sizes […]

How much of a Pie Chart Looks Like Pac-Man per Matt Cutts?

  A lesson in Repurposing Content – I heard an English teacher once say that “Every modern love story is a copy of Shakespeare.” She used Westside Story as an extreme example, stolen from Romeo and Juliet. She went on to challenge us to find a theme that Shakespeare did not cover. But there are […]

TLD .XXX Reputation Management Nightmare?

TDL .XXX was announced earlier this year and is now in full swing. Here is the Pre-Registration Schedule   Sunrise: Available September 7 — October 28, 2011 Registration Requires Trademarked Name. Sunrise AD: Available September 7 — October 28, 2011 Registration Requires registered like domain name. Sunrise B: Available September 7 — October 28, 2011 […]

Interview with Bing and Google via Suggest

After a recent conversation with Mat Siltala touching upon the accuracy of Google Suggest, we’ve decided to go straight to the source and interview both Google Suggest and Bing Suggest. Uh… In Spanish? …Bien, Gracias. Bing, how are you? Well Bing you seem to have a lot more to say. I hope you are not […]

Killer Press Release Teleseminar Tomorrow

I’m doing a teleseminar with publicity expert Joan Stewart (the Publicity Hound) tomorrow and I hope you’ll join us. I’ve been a subscriber on Joan’s email list for several years and I’m honored to work with her. How to Use Keywords, the ‘Magic Magnets’ that Pull Consumers and Journalists to Your Press Releases When: 3 […]