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Competitive Intelligence Presentation – Pubcon Vegas 2011

Here is my presentation from Pubcon Vegas 2011 on Competitive Intelligence. This was a great panel and I am hoping everybody learned a ton! Enjoy! Competitive Intelligence Pubcon Vegas View more presentations from Dream Systems Media Pubcon Vegas 2011 Competitive Intelligence session write-ups:

New Firefox 8.0 Doesn’t Support My Favorite Add-Ons

If you hadn’t heard, Mozilla Firefox released another new update. I don’t mind updates, but this one forced me to complain a bit. As a pretty consistent blogger, I frequently will take pictures of sections of a website with an Add-On called Screengrabber. Screengrabber would allow me to simply copy a section of a page, […]

DSM at Search Conferences and Other Speaking Engagements

We always enjoy the opportunity to share our marketing experience, knowledge and tips with others at search marketing conferences and networking events across the country. Recently, we have been pretty busy doing just that.  Here are just a few updates: David Mink, one of DSM’s founding partners was asked to serve on the founding board […]

7 Life-Changing Productivity Tips That Lead to Business Success

In an effort to “practice what I preach”, I was stumbling for ideas last night and came upon one that really hit home. I’m coming on my one year anniversary of self-employment (November 1st); I’ve learned a lot about myself, my motivation, and mostly about areas where I can improve. Productivity is “the state of […]

Do You Have (or are you) a SHI@#Y Manager?

Management is all about connecting with the people on your team. So how do you effectively manage a team? With common knowledge, of course. How many of you wish you could paste this statement 1,000+ times on your manager’s door/desk/forehead? Or maybe you’ve been a manager and wish you would have read this BEFORE you […]

How Important is Reading a BOOK to an SEO Firm?

I’m back! Yes, it’s been too long since I blogged at DSM, and I’m honest when I say “I’ve missed it…” I’m re-motivated to share ideas, ask questions, and even call people (and companies) out on their online business stupidity. I’ll start, though, with a sincere SEO question: Is reading a BOOK really helpful to […]

Adwords +1 Button Changes Internet Marketing.. PPC, CRO, CTR

Introducing the new Google Adwords button. How will Google Adwords +1 Button change Internet Marketing? Does it affect PPC? Will it help or hurt CRO? Can it really increase CTR? What’s the Math? In a recent email from Google Adwords was the following notification: In the coming weeks, your search results and ads on Google […]

Google Offers Live in Portland & New York Is Next

Google Offers Quick Facts: How is it Promoted? • Email to Subscribers • Google shopper app. • Google network Businesses can Limit the offer: • Limit how many offers sold • Limit Redeemable by date • Limit on Areas Serviced* • Limit Uses Per Customer *important for pest control guys Offer runs for a 24 […]