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My Restoration Industry Association Webinar on Social Media

I had the opportunity to conduct a training webinar on Social Media this morning to the Restoration Industry Association, and for those who attended and are looking for the slides, here ya go:  It was an awesome group and a fun presentation.  Thanks for the opportunity! Social Media RIA Webinar View more presentations from Dream […]

Solo Social Entrepreneurs Who Make Lots of Cash

I’m obsessed with the solo entrepreneurs who are successful leveraging social media to launch a business. They start with a simple idea – like pay me and I’ll wear your t-shirt around LA. They put up a blog, take pictures and video of themselves wearing your shirts and promote it on their social networking sites. […]

Larry Fitzgerald “Gets” Twitter And We Can All Learn From Him

I love when I see professional athletes using Twitter, but not just “using” it, I am talking really “getting” it – and understanding the power. It’s no secret I am a HUGE Arizona Cardinals fan, even more – I am a HUGE Larry Fitzgerald fan! FAITH FOCUS FINISH!  I have been following him on Twitter […]

Question: How Do I Retweet In Twitter?

I know, this seems pretty basic – and is to most people who are following me on Twitter, but believe it or not I got the email asking me to explain how to “retweet” something. After a few emails back and forth it gave me a great idea to create another video and share some […]

Getting Shut Out of Twitter, A Story of Saving Tweets

My good friend, and fellow blogger on Dream Systems Media, Janet Meiners (aka Newspapergrl) had an interesting experience getting suspended on Twitter a few months back, and I want to take the time to talk about her experience and share how people can now, never have to worry about this happening to them. Here is […]

Helping The Unbelievers, Believe – In Twitter That Is

I had an amazing meeting this afternoon with 3 of the coolest guys you would ever be so lucky to meet. These guys are clients of mine, who wanted to discuss Twitter as well as the best ways to leverage its power. Everyone of these guys (up to this point) were WAY TOO COOL to […]

The Number One Question I Am Asked About Twitter

I’ll get right to it – I am always getting asked how to get more followers on Twitter, which to be honest I think is funny because I really don’t think I have a “TON” of followers myself. However; I am sitting close to 1100 followers and feel I have a pretty good idea of […]

4 Real Offline Uses Of Twitter

I love when I see businesses who are using social marketing to its fullest potential.  I particularly love to see them incorporating their social media marketing into their offline promotions.  It is fun to see things I had not yet thought of.  I will typically write these strategies down and keep them in my bank […]

Any Thoughts On Mark Cuban Getting Fined 25k?

Everybody has heard about this by now, but I am wondering what real people that use Twitter think about Mark Cuban getting fined 25k by the NBA for Twittering bad stuff about the refs?  I am not interested in what the media (most of whom have never even used Twitter) think.  I am not one […]