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Gone are the days of the traditional 9-5 and run of the mill offices full of cubicles.  The daily grind is slowly being replaced with flexible work schedules, remote work opportunities and onsite employee amenities. The workforce has spoken and company culture is at the top of the list for employees in 2014. Ping Pong Tables, Onsite Gyms and Free Lunches are making their way into the new corporate America and they have some serious competition.  With Virgin’s unlimited time off, REI’s paid sabbatical program and Google’s lost list of employee perks, company culture is “winning”.

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The influence of the tech industry has revolutionized workplace culture and many large mainstream corporations are following suit, for good reason.  The workplace is evolving.  What worked for the Baby Boomers doesn’t necessarily work for the modern day employee.   By the year 2025 Millennials will make up the majority of the workforce and they are not just motivated by a paycheck.  Workplace flexibility plays a huge role in employment decisions and so does company culture.  Millennials value working for something and someone they believe in.  They want to be valued and they want their work to be important.  If you want to keep them….engage them.

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The Avalaunch Mindset

Here at Avalaunch content has to be King (it’s kind of our gig) but culture is our Prince William.  We have employees in three different time zones because we know that talent has no geographic boundaries.  When we find talent, we make it work!  We open shop at seven and close at seven encouraging our employees to work when they’re at their best.  We know that while offices have hours, creativity doesn’t, so we work to accommodate creativity’s schedule.

Free Food?  Check.  We are constantly feeding the Yeti’s because the Yeti’s work best when they’re fed.

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We work hard and play hard; life is too short not to have both.  Most of the time we are working, but sometimes, we can be found at the movie, playing Frisbee golf or turning the conference room into a Ping-Pong championship arena.

We believe in rewarding our employees.  Luke our amazing PPC director was invited on a company fishing trip to Alaska where they spent five days fishing for halibut and salmon.  They kayaked in glacier water and saw amazing wildlife.  When asked about the trip Luke said “It was unbelievable scenery. I stayed at an awesome lodge with some great food. All of that was fun but being around the people I work with that I look up to on so many levels, was priceless. Conversations about work, home, family, and fun reminded me why I wanted to work at Avalaunch and why I jumped at the chance to work with and learn from these guys!”

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Avalauch Media Alaska FIshing Trip

As for engagement, we get it.  No one wants a boring job!  The Avalaunch Book Club always has something great to read.  We thrive off of creativity and know that everyone is capable of truly great ideas; they just need to be asked.  Creative collaboration is key; we value our team AND their ideas. Brainstorming sessions are always better when they’re companywide and in our case, that’s nationwide.

Forget the email memo, we are a creative agency.




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