Every SERP In Google May Harm Your Computer

If your visits from Google are down today, there may be good reason!  I Twittered upon something amusing this morning, but this also stinks too, because it really does make me wonder if the referrals will be less today because of this Google mix up.

Thanks to a tweet by @coplandmj I woke up to an interesting problem Google seems to be having.  Every result in the SERPs are telling searchers “This site may harm your computer”.  I have seen this before on a few sites, but not EVERY SINGLE ONE.  I did a random search for SEO Blog and had to screen shot it for those who may miss it – check out all the SEO Blogs that may harm your computer – LOL.  I wonder how long this one will take to fix, and what the story behind it is.

This site may harm your computer Google Error
This site may harm your computer Google Error

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