How Avalaunch Gives Back with Branding and Marketing Content

Here at Avalaunch Media we value the principle of giving back and championing good causes. We recently started a new initiative. Every year employees present a cause that is meaningful to them and how Avalaunch might be able to help out. Then our team votes on the charity or organization. Once we select someone, we work with them to plan a branding and marketing strategy. Our first big project was Paws vs. Claws – which was a social media face off between cats and dogs. We partnered with NEADS (Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans) and The Humane Society of The United States, ultimately raising several thousand dollars that benefitted both organizations. Not only was it fulfilling to learn about the work these organizations do,  it was a lot of fun. While we are still in the process of selecting this year’s cause, we continue to do smaller projects. Our most recent partnership was spearheaded by our COO Jason Coulam, who recently completed his MBA while working here full time (congrats Jason, we know how much work it was!). Jason-MBA As part of a class project his team created the Utah Service Scholarship. The scholarship awards money to students to perform service in the community. His team needed to brand and market their idea so Avalaunch worked with them to create a logo, video and other visual and physical assets. What We Created for Utah Service Scholarship A website at Logo: EMBA Scholarship Logo Brochure/flyer/fact sheet: V.3.EMBA.Flyer w Donor Card_Page_1 Donor Card Flyer for Utah Scholarship   Facebook cover image: Facebook banner Utah Service Scholarship Page on Facebook: We’re happy to see that the scholarship is growing and awarding money. Stay tuned to see who we choose for our yearly campaign and how you might be able to get involved.

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