Google Advanced Search Features, Use Them

Last week I sat in a meeting trying to quote a company on the services we offered and found it frustrating because they asked me a few questions that led me to pulling up Google and doing some searches for them to show them a thing or two about their competition. The problem was that this group of people I was presenting to where rather large and a lot of them were very novice with search and online marketing. Most had extensive back grounds in offline marketing, but online marketing was a whole new arena to them. The very next thing that started happening was me giving a tutorial on Google Search and how to use it and how their users would be using it to find them. I don’t really mind, but it took me way off base for the presentation and it ended up running over on them. To make it helpful for them I showed them Advanced Search options on Google and thought that there might be a few of you out there that this might help as well. To access the Google Advanced Search options simply click on the Advanced Search language next to the query entry box on the Google homepage. Once on the advanced search page you can select from a number of options to search Google more correctly. I had to explain to this group how to search using and/or and using quotes, etc. and I found that frustrating to try and explain to them so I just showed them this page and it clicked for them. There are a few nice features that Google offers, even for the very experienced Googler…I especially like using the File type option for specific files I might be searching for and you can also search within a specific domain.

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