Did Google Axe the Blog Vertical from the Menu?

Google is always full of surprises. And here is their latest trick…

Google has opted to take the less is more approach with their menu options. Logically more searches for applications will help them push more google app sells. But wait… where is that awesome search tool for scanning blogs???


Apparently google thinks blogs should go under News now??? Wait there is more… A search for ‘pest control’ under blogs in the news down-line gives me this…

Good-bye-bloggersALL NEWS BLOGS!! And google only cared to show me 8 results about pest control in the news blogs for this past week.

So Google silently sings Bye-Bye Bloggers?

Could it really be so? Are they just testing? Is this a simple oversight?

I hope for Tony’s sake that google doesn’t do away with the blog vertical search option. Otherwise, Tony, and a lot of other content marketers may find that blogging won’t lead them to millions. But hey, Tony, can still keep his award.


Just a pest control guy reporting on a few search bugs.

Pest Control Guy - Thomas Ballantyne

-Thomas Ballantyne
Director of Marketing for Bulwark Exterminating
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Thomas Ballantyne



2 thoughts on “Did Google Axe the Blog Vertical from the Menu?

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