Google Instant Serving Up Instant Trash For The Kids

Ok, been saving my comments about Google Instant, but got a SERP “instant” result today that was to good to keep to myself. I missed the Sundevils game last night, so I wanted to check out the score this morning. I go to Google and start typing in …. well, see for yourself.
Sundevils Instant Search serving up Instant Trash
Instant Google Search for Arizona State Sun ...
Just what you want your little kids seeing when they go to Google and check out the scores too huh??? But even more annoying? The “Instant” SERP image result (of these two girls paying swords with their tongues) is almost 3 years old. (look at the arrow) nice job on this Google.
Google Image Search Trash Instant Results
Trash results
I was not “instantly” serves the scores from last nights game, or even given relevant results, instead I was served trash!  I am with Graywolf, I wish we had Google Understand, instead of Google Instant.  I still don’t know the game of the score because I saw this “Instant” SERP result and got distracted and started writing this rant post.  Again, great job Google.  Great job!

13 thoughts on “Google Instant Serving Up Instant Trash For The Kids

  1. Mat Siltala says:

    @Joe Hall thanks for coming by Joe, and that is my exact point … we are being served garbage. Not just in the form of the picture, but 3 year old results when we are supposed to be focused on real time results! Am I right?? thx Joe!

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  4. Ron Chmara says:

    You do know that “think about the children” is a running in-joke within geek culture, to indicate that somebody is over-reaching in an (often absurdly) puritanical attempt to censor current culture?

    Seriously, if you think that a picture of two people kissing is “trash”, I suggest you avoid television, the internet, magazines, and all contact with other humans, who have likely been kissing since before we became homo sapiens.

  5. Mat Siltala says:

    @Ron Chmara
    Ron, feel free to let your kids (if you have any) watch whatever, and browse the Internet freely with no adult supervision my friend, but I am trying my best to instil values in my kids lives. My other point with the post, is the content GI is serving up is old and sloppy – ie; serving up a picture from 2007 …. You are free to your opinion though and appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

  6. D Baker says:

    That is pretty funny and I am sure Google will change that soon.

    I do think they are modifying the results as I was sure that if you will put in the letter “S” you will immediately see “SEX” as one of the most searched words but that is not the case…

    So I guess Google are making sure to keep the bad stuff away.

  7. Frans says:

    I think google is doing a good job in filtering inappropiate stuff. If you were looking for that search term, you would also have seen the two girls playing. So Instant really dont make a difference, you would have seen it anyway

  8. Brandon says:

    This is one more reason to dislike Google Instant. I agree with you about the kids. I don’t want my kids to see results like this when searching the internet.

    I was more upset by the 3 year old results, though, to tell you the truth. I would expect “instant” results to be only recent news.

    Oh well,

  9. Francis says:

    I won’t call that trash, it’s just simple sexual education for kids provided by google :)))), probably google instant is the worst thing that google could do, unfortunately it can’t be turned of in UK 🙁

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