Google News Using Sex To Increase Click Throughs?

Google News Using More Risque Photos Lately
Google News Using More Risque Photos Lately

I have been using Google News for a long time now, and only recently have I noticed them using more risque photos next to the article stories.

I have been wanting to talk about this, and see if anyone else has notice this too?  I know, I know – sex sells, (and apparently increases Google News click-throughs) but I wouldn’t think Google would do this with all of the Kids out there using Google News as a reference.  This picture that I am sharing here, was by a story today, and is less risque then others I have seen lately, but even so I wouldn’t want my mom to walk by when I happened to be on this page – I could hear her now “Matt, what are you looking at?”

I understand that Google can do what they want, and that I can just not use them anymore.  That is not the point.  I like using Google News and will continue to do so – I am just posing the question to others that may have noticed this, or if its just me.  I wouldn’t think Google News would have to use images like this to get the clicks – they are going to get them regardless.  Maybe Google is just doing some internal testing – or maybe I am looking to much into it.  I just thought it was odd, it happened to me on my mind, and thats why I felt like sharing my thoughts on it.

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