Google Places Added Correct URL Feature

UPDATE:  Good discussion going on over on Google Plus about this:
Google Places Correct URL

Maybe I am late to this, but I just noticed a new thing with Google Places. Has anyone seen this before today?  I have not seen anyone talking about it or making mention of it yet.  Anyway,  after you click on the website it has a box pop up that asks you: “Is the correct website for this business?”  Looks like they are trying to finally improve the way they link the websites to the Google places pages.

Also, perhaps this will be good to weed out spammer companies like putting weird landing page websites as the place page buiness website instead of the actual page.  (Why do that anyway, seems dumb)

For example: I have seen (not to be mentioned here companies) create websites with the URL (for example) like this: … Again, I ask how stupid is that to build out landing pages when the company actually has a legitimate website!  Hopefully they are trying to get rid of crap like that by giving us the ability to change it.  Now the only thing I worry about is if the (nameless company doing this) is the one holding all the real companies Google Places login info.

Anyway, I like this new feature.  That is, if its new …

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10 thoughts on “Google Places Added Correct URL Feature

  1. Ash Buckles says:


    I haven’t seen this yet. Is this for the community to verify data or business owners to claim their listing? If the community can start to impact a URL tied to a listing this could be open for more discrediting of listing information.

    I’m all in favor of community data development until the community is anonymous (or less than incentivized) to provide real, good results for the rest of us. It’s too easy to setup automated Gmail accounts and start attacking busness listings.

    I’ll keep a watch on local business listings this, and other, changes.

  2. Allen Edward says:

    I think this feature is new Mat. I went to the official Google Places blog and there is no update about this. Google must have been trying to improve Google Places. My last activity on Places was 2 weeks ago and not a sign of this feature.

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  4. Caleb Ross says:

    I just noticed this feature today too, so I assume it is new. In fact, I went straight to a Google search looking for answers and this post came right to the top. So, nice work.

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  6. Nathaniel Smathers says:

    Making the web a better place. That is the idea right. I think this shows that Google is moving in the right direction to up-heaving the “fake SEO” companies. As a marketer that try’s to keep his nose clean I can’t stand to work on a client and find that the competitor has this bogus site to a spammy landing page. I am over here helping out my client,s page when this other company is using a URL that has been whore’d out for term relevancy. Sucks. But hey I guess it is part of the game. Nice stuff Mat Siltala I enjoy reading what you have to say. Keep it coming bro.

  7. John Carter says:

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