Here Is Why You MUST Have A Facebook Page

Mat Siltala's Facebook profileI have a neighbor that is an amazing web developer and is so immersed in what he does, that until recently (after chatting with me) I rarely saw him do anything with social networks.  A few months ago I got him on Twitter, taught him the ropes, and he experienced immediate power and success with it.  This was a great testimony to him because when I was first explaining Twitter to him I could tell he was scratching his head saying “huh?  micro-blogging?  powerful?  WTF??”

I am amazed that more web designers and developers are not more familiar with the power of social networks – especially Facebook.   I love Facebook because people are trying to find YOU, they want to see what YOU are doing and what YOU are up to.  If you have your profile set up correctly, using the tools Facebook gives you to add RSS feeds to your profile etc. the people who are trying to find information about YOU will do just that, and that is why you need a Facebook page!  It is the easiest sell you will ever make.

Within days of setting up a Facebook profile page, my neighbor has already gotten several web development/design leads from people he had forgotten even existed!  Old friends growing up, school buddies, college buddies etc. all found him and what he did for a living very interesting! Again, its the easiest sell you will ever make because they know YOU, and are coming to YOU!  He told me that someone even came up with a Facebook app idea they wanted him to create.

…He’s addicted now (and blames me) but that’s ok because he’s making money and that is never a bad thing!

I had to laugh when he told me after the first day of creating his profile, his email was blowing up because something like 34 people had added him as a friend and they were all commenting wanting to catch up.  What I told him is that is 34 more people that know what he does for a living, and 34 more people that can tell their friends when they hear someone say – “I need a web design” or “Do you know anyone who does web design?”  His number has since gone up and continues to grow everyday, but he finally is understanding the power of social networks and why it is a good thing to have a Facebook page and be “social”.

I love the power of Facebook, and how it allows you to find and stay connected with people from your past and future.  Please feel free to connect with me on Facebook here, and let me know if there are any Facebook questions you have that I can help you with!

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  1. Matt Hayden says:

    I agree that joining Facebook can be great for getting leads in the way that you say. Still, the site can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared for it and/or not in the right frame of mind.

    I joined up to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t do it for marketing reasons; just out of curiosity. Over a few months heaps of people I knew from my past got in touch with me. There were a couple of people I knew well and liked, so getting in touch again was good. But most were not good friends, just people I wen to uni with, mostly.

    It was fun for a while, but eventually it just became onerous. They would add me as a friend and I would accept because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. But I didn’t want to converse with them. After a while I just got sick of it all and disabled my account.

    I doubt I’ll get back into it again – at least not for a long while. But if I do I’ll be more hardheaded about it and see it more as a marketing project.
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