Hi My Name Is Matt Siltala And I Am An SEO Addict

The good news for you guys (our readers and subscribers) is that I am one of those Internet marketers that likes to share my knowledge of Internet marketing and SEO. For those of you who don’t already know me, (just Google my name – Matt Siltala) I have been doing Internet marketing since 1999, before I really knew it had a name and I have been link building since 1997.

Matt Siltala
Matt Siltala

I started consulting Internet business owners back in 2002, I have started several of my own very successful Internet businesses, I have been blogging since 2005, and finally decided to start my own Internet Marketing Firm, Dream Systems Media in 2008. I have been independently working for another well known SEO Firm, and I still co-author the SEO Blog over there. I just decided it was time to start my own Internet Marketing Firm to make things more legit for myself (make a name for myself, so to speak), so here I am, and here is the new site. I also have the honor to be working with two of the greatest Internet Marketing gurus in the industry; guys I consider to be my best friends and brothers, please meet Dave Mink and Andy Melchior. These guys are going to teach you some amazing things on this blog when it comes to Internet Marketing.

What is the Dream Systems Media site going to do for you? If you own an Internet business, run an offline business and are thinking of ways to expand online, or just want to grow what you currently have this is where Dream Systems Media can help.  Subscribe to our blog, where every week we will keep you up to date with industry news, information, and “beginner to advanced” SEO tips and information.

I am not writting for other “SEOs” or people in the Internet marketing industry to read my stuff (if they do and learn that is great but is not my intent), I am writing it for those of you who own small and large businesses and are looking for useful Internet marketing tips that can help you grow your Internet business. That is my main goal with this blog.

I am going to be having a theme of posts for each day of the week. I am not sure which day of the week yet, but I know I am going to have an Internet Marketing Questions and Answers session, and would love to get feedback, and hear from you our readers. You can ask your questions in the form of email to me – mat [at] dreamsystemsmedia [dot] com or by commenting on any one of my posts with your question.

I want this Internet Marketing Blog to be the best resource online fo actual tips and information regarding the Internet marketing industry that you can use to grow your business.  Again, I look forward to your feedback and questions in helping this Internet marketing blog become successful!

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