How Was Cyber Monday For You?

All in all I have to say Cyber Monday was a success for those of us here at Dream Systems Media.  We saw an average of 5% conversion rates with all our sites.  I really think a lot of it has to do with what industry you are in, but we really try to make sure we are in industries that can survive recessions (which we seem to be in).

I have spoken with many of our clients and they had very successful Cyber Mondays too.  One of our clients had a 10% conversion rate for the day, and that is their best ever.  This year we saw an overall sales increase too.  We did have some rough months compared to last year, for example October was probably one of th worst, but overall the whole year was a huge success and increase in almost every statistic from last.

How was Cyber Monday for you guys?  Did you get more emails?  Did the phones ring more?  Or do you feel you are in one of those industries that is having a slow down?  If so, I would love to hear what industry you are in, and why you feel it is slowing down.  I read a pretty good post the other day I found on StumbleUpon talking about recession proof jobs, and you should check it out.

Anyway, it was good to have a day like yesterday, it gets my marketing batteries charged again.  I know that Internet marketing, including special promotions, SEO and social media all work and helped us have a successful Cyber Monday, and I am excited to keep sharing tips with this Internet Marketing Blog.   I hope its an indication of what the rest of December is going to be like as well as 2009.  Now that the election is over, we can focus on fixing this countries problems and get back on track so we can all be in industries that are thriving!

Once again, I would love to hear how your Cyber Monday went.  Good?  Bad?  What industry you are in etc.  Thanks guys!

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