I Applaud Companies That Do Business Right

You know me, I am a sucker for businesses that take care of me, and I can’t seem to stop blogging about them either. The latest comes after I tried (and failed) to buy my brother an 60 inch Sony WEGA HDTV as a wedding gift.

Best Deal In Town, Temple Arizona
Best Deal In Town, Temple Arizona

I asked my brother where he wanted me to get it from, and he said he knew this place that had the best deals anywhere in town – Ironically enough called Best Deal In Town. So we headed down to this place and I found an amazing 60 inch Sony Wega DLP that he had knocked down to $699 (originally $850) but gave me a deal cause I talked to him about it being my brothers wedding and all. I purchase it, take it to his house and go to hook it up and it no longer works as it did in the store – since this is a wholesale place and often times you are buying display (fully tested from factory) models I guess things like this happen.

At first I was pretty mad because they have a no return policy, and I get that – its much like buying a used car – you never know whats going to happen etc. I really do get that, but come on – broken right after turning it on? I need to add this, one of the main reasons I really wanted the TV for my brother is because his old one had just went out on him and he had this huge hole in his entertainment center and everyone was coming over for his reception. I didn’t want them to see a big ugly hole where a TV is suppose to go, and that’s why I chose to buy him a TV.

So we pack it back up and take it down and the whole time I am going down I am thinking of all the things I know from being in business for so long that I am going to tell this dude (because I think I just got taken) and boy I was ready. My brother was, lets just see what he says and go from there. So I listened to my big brother and guess what? The guy was blown away too by it doing what it did – he tried everything he could to fix it and nothing worked. There was nothing else in the store that was the same size and price because he said he had been cleaned out by all those “March Madness” people wanting to watch their games in HD. So he said … about the only thing I can do for you guys (and I thought … great here it comes) is refund your card and have you come back next week to see what we get in our next shipment. I almost didn’t know what to say, but I tip my hat to these guys for running a stand up business. I will continue to buy TVs from them, and send as many people as I can to them (and even blog about them) for doing the right thing.

If you run a legit honest business you will have a successful business that will last no matter what. If you practice shady business then I bet you won’t be in business that long – because in this day and age – people talk and share it with everyone!!!! I did a post a week ago or so on referrals and the power of taking care of people and this is just another amazing example of that.

If you are in need of an amazing deal on an HDTV I fully recommend checking out these guys.  They will take care of you!  This was no paid post either … its just kick ass customer service!

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  1. Spencer Janke says:

    Wow so true, I couldn’t agree with you more. Being in business is stressful at times. Especially when you have a dissatisfied customer. I am in Real Estate in Utah, and we try our best to treat all of our clients with the utmost respect. Honesty is everything, it is disheartening when someone doesn’t think you are honest, and as a result everyone should remember like you said people talk..

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