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Thomas Schmitz When it comes to whether you should use SEO tools you must consider both the good and the bad – like every other choice in life. Tools are good for gathering data. However, tools can be expensive, produce inherent errors, and have many limitations. Scripts are tools that you create. Save time. Save money. Thomas recommends adapting your scripts from existing open source code.
Dave Wallace At SMX
Dave Wallace At SMX
David Wallace Recommends having a routine that looks something like this: 1. Begin your day with email, bloglines, and Twitter. With Twitter just looks for DM’s and @replies. 2. Write your new blog posts. 3. Now do everything else. Deal with clients. Deal with business. Deal with finances. etc. David says that he is really big on structuring his email. (Our own Andrew Melchior is a wizard with organizing email!) Develop a category structure. David also says he relies heavily on bloglines rather than visiting individual blogs. He is very selective with social bookmarking. He uses which allows you to submit to multiple social networks. Jennifer Slegg @jenstar ecommends using an old fashioned notebook, a personal voice recorder, dragon naturally speaking which converts spoken words into text, blackberries and iPhones, jott.coma phone message which allows you to leave a message which is transformed into an email sent to yourself. I really enjoyed her down to earth approach – nice job Jen! Stephan Spencer His talk was based on the idea of GTD – getting things done. For example he recommends making to do lists in different categories like – at home to do lists, at phone to do lists, at email to do lists. So, if you are in your email the idea is to pull up your email to do list. Remember the 2 minute rule, which is to simply knock the item off the list if it can be done in less than 2 minutes He also talked about a lot of other things that I am much too lazy to write!

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  1. Gabriel Boray says:

    Increasing productivity, GTD, the morning routine, I like it, thanks for the advice, it’s easy to get caught up on Twitter and checking out all of the tools suggested, thanks, glad I subscribed,