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What if I were to tell all you business owners (who hate to pony up cash for lawyers) where to go to get FREE answers by actual lawyers to legal questions that you have? Would you actually leave a comment on one of my posts? My two posting comrades (Mat and Andy) are killing me when it comes to comment collection!

So… I scratch your back you scratch my back. I tell you where to get FREE answers to legal questions by actual lawyers and you leave a comment telling me how great this resource is ;).

The website is and I use it all the time. For instance, my grandma called me just this weekend and said:

“Dave, I just had a ‘return to sender’ letter delivered to my house. The only problem is that I am not the one that sent the letter. It appears that the executrix of my deceased husband’s will is using my address on outbound letters concerning his estate. Can I open the returned letter?”

I do not practice Wills, Trusts, and Estates law so I did not know the answer. No problem. I went to the “Ask a Legal Question” section of the website and posted the following:

“My grandmother’s husband just died and his executrix (his daughter) sent a letter of eviction to one of his son’s, who lives in one of the deceased’s residents. However, she put my grandmother’s address as the ”from address” and the letter was never opened and has now been mailed back to me. Can she open this letter?”

About 6 hours later I received an email with the following answer:

“No. Just forward the letter to the executrix and ask her to stop misrepresenting her mailing address.”

The lawyer that answered my question specializes in wills, trusts, and estates law in California (which is where my grandmother lives). Now, if my grandma has additional questions she can get in touch with Mr. Phillip Lemmons (thanks for answering my question by the way).

The other nice thing about lawguru is that they post all of the other questions and answers so there is a wealth of knowledge available. You can simply go to “Search Past Answers” and begin searching by directory or keyword. So next time you have a question that you would love to ask an attorney, go ahead and do it!

I was not paid by lawguru to write this post and this is not legal advice!

24 thoughts on “Get your legal questions answered for free

  1. Greg says:

    I’ll leave yah a comment 🙂 My bro is a lawyer (i dont know what kind) but sometimes I think he is full of crap when he says stuff. I’m gonna test him out by using this site. Seems like a great resource, Thanks

  2. Ruth Ann Luzzi says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Can a creditor garnish a checking account or savings account if two names appear on the account, and only one person is responsible for the debt? I was told that it is the way the account is worded, such as John AND Sue or John OR Sue. Is this correct, if so, which is the correct way to word the account? Thank you, Ruth Ann

  3. David Mink says:


    I do not answer legal questions for free, but my post refers to a company which will put your question in front of numerous attorneys, one of which may decide to answer your question for free. You can go to and then click on the Ask a Legal Question section and paste in your question. Good luck.

  4. renee says:

    i want to know what can be done about an attorney preparing an order and signing both attorney’s name to it, by permission, but did not have his permission,which order caused all types of unnecessary expenses especially for himself, and basically elected his own judge and everything went his way?

  5. angelos says:

    Hello Sir

    My question is :is there any site on the internet in which I can register an for-profit online company

    Thank you!

  6. mrst4 says:

    My husband’s friend signed for a boat for him 2 years ago. My husband has made every payment on time. The friend signed a noterized bill of sale and a noterized Power of Attorney and statement giving sole interest to my husband and stating that it was for credit purposes that he signed only.My husband not on title or note only has posession of boat and noterized DOCS and makes payments and insurance on the boat. Now friend mad at him and threatning to sell our boat. What legal recourse do we have if any?

  7. Tamara says:

    Hi =) so, I’m very excited and this sounds really helpful especially since my soon to be ex husband is trying to make my life impossiable when it comes to our kids and joint custody so, I’m looking forward to help him off his high horse and get my legal facts together tht way he wont have much to say =) I dont have a lawyer at the time and before I get one I want to make sure I know a few things.
    So here I go.. I’ll be back to leave a comment =)

  8. Garry Presley says:

    may sound like silly question,but Lee Co,Fl.has refused to release information,cause of death,estate,etc.,on estranged father’s[ww2 vet] death in 1996? Have all ID,but never asked. Garry

  9. Tameka says:

    If your spouse has second degree assault charges against you and he has the incident on tape can the tape be used against you in court?

  10. hannah says:

    My neighbor broke into my house and stole about $2000 dollars of belongings, the police have done nothing and my daughter and I would like to hang a poster in our front yard that says “thief among us” with an arrow but no name and or photo can we get in trouble for it if it is in your yard?

  11. ELLEN says:

    Question: I am divorced and my ex husband has not changed his will from when we were both married. In the event of his death, He now has me as beneficiary on his will, with my married name, would I be eligible to receive anything listed in his will?

  12. emilie says:

    ok so i am 15 and my boyfriend is 19 and i might be pregnant both of our parents know. can we get married or me get emancipated in the state of maryland with parental consent and him not get into any trouble ?

  13. Kevin Ting says:


    i am Ting from Malaysia. I need help. Please advice. I order a phone from London through internet. the saler said he will send 6 phones to me and i will help him to sell it and i will get the profit from there and then pay he after sell the extra phones. I was glad because he trust me. But, that is not easy case. i had been threaten to buy extra phone because he don’t want release my paid phone.

    He promised that 100% i will get the phone when i paid a part of the extra phones amout. i did so. this thing repeat 3 times but he still don’t want release the phones. Now, he ask again….i refuse to do so and he also refuse to release the goods. i finished all my money….

    i paid the first phone, the taxes and the ansurance but still get nothing.

    Can i sue him? how i do the sue since he is in london and i am at Malaysia and should i make report to london police?

    Please advice….i am mad with this dy….

    Thanks a lot

  14. suzi says:

    I am chuckling after reading all of these comments of legal questions. I didnt think your post was confusing or asking people to ask YOU legal questions. You are clearly asking just for some props like thanks for the top David. I guess the lesson here is “Be careful what wish for” hehe.

  15. Bob Clougher says:

    the same debt collector is trying to collect on the same debt that we paid 3 yrs ago. we have the documentation to prove it. isnt this some sort of harrassment? they froze our bank account the last time and im scared they will do it again.

  16. Rebecca says:

    In Ohio, during a child custody case, where the mother is the residental parent, can the other attorney ask for health records of the mother? and if so wopuld the Hippa act prevent them from obtaining the records?

  17. Jessieman says:

    I am a 17 year old, and I live in the state of Oklahoma. I want to legally get seperated from my parents. (not to the extent of emancipation but with parental consent). I want to know if I move out could I get any legal assistance from the state such as food stamps etc.

  18. angie says:

    I have been legally seperated since 1994. And I want a divorce. We had children together but neither of us have custody and I have no idea where he may be at.Is it possible to get a one signature divoce?

  19. MarchAnn Kramer says:

    My mother is a disabled senior who has resided in this trailer park for almost twenty years. Every new Owner/Manager wants something different but no one has ever made a new contract. She owns her trailer, and they put a notice on her door giving her fifteen days to trim trees and bushes (not a problem) redo her skirting and paint her trailer. Can they do this? Thank you for your time. Anxiously waiting for your reply. MarchAnn Kramer

  20. melissa says:

    A qualified endorsement qualifies the effect of a blank or special endorsement by disclaiming or destroying the liability of the indorser to answer for the default of the maker or drawee. Is this true or fales?

  21. megan says:

    Do my famlie and i have legal rights to see my 2 year old niece. And can her mother keep her away from us and not get in any legal troubal?

  22. shaneika passmore says:

    I was arresteed on june, 22 2010 for the offence of assult and batty plus Dva. I was appointed a pulic defener to resentsent me in the case. the witnesses did not appear at perliminar hearing and afther almost 11 months I have yet to be indicted there is no on going investigation in case. based upon the above, I have asteed my atorney to file a motion for fast and speedy trail or motion to dismiss. in resonse, counsel contended that because the prosecution has taklen no action in case, that he cannot do anything.

    my questions are:
    1. is my attory affording me resonable resentation, or is he negligent?
    2. what should i do at this point to have my case resoved?
    3. if counsel’s respresention has been misleading and ineffective, can i bring a civil complaint againt him for damages?

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