Leveraging Press Pickups for Maximum Exposure

So you’ve invested in that eye-popping infographic, topical blog or white paper and it’s been picked up in the press. Now what? Sit back and wait for widespread exposure and an influx of traffic? The fact is, further exposure may only be as good as the follow-up PR marketing you carry out. Simply “uploading and hoping” won’t trigger the desired avalanche of exposure, but with a little bit of nurturing you can get the most leverage out of your pickups. Some tips for gaining exposure are simple, yet easily overlooked. At the very minimum, you should:
  • Promote your pickups to your email list, perhaps via a newsletter, which will give you direct access to your existing and potential customer contacts;
  • Include the link in your email signature;
  • Post the “Featured in …” link somewhere prominently on your site and consider setting up a dedicated “Press” section;
  • Include the article in all of your marketing collateral, such as landing pages and printed material;
  • Work with a company such as http://www.thatsgreatnews.com/to print the article and display it in your office.
That's Great News

ON SHOW: Companies such as That’sGreatNews preserve and mount your pickups for all to see.
  Now it’s time to apply extra attention, to generate “next-level” exposure. Start by distributing an SEO-optimized press release, which can boost keyword rankings, visibility, traffic to your website and inbound links. Social media is critical to your exposure. It is important to devise a sharing strategy. Roll out scheduled daily tweets and repeat this schedule a week later. Identifying and reaching out to relevant, influencers is worthwhile, as is staging a weekly PR campaign on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Get out there on as many platforms as possible. Note that many social networks give you the option to add a bio or description. Adding in a strong quote from a blogger or podcaster in this section is another chance to establish brand credibility.1 Speaking of influential bloggers and podcasters: Reach out to them too. Pay special attention to those already linked to your site, to see if they are willing to promote your pickup. Offer to do the same for them in return. Bloggers and podcasters are always on the lookout for credible brands, stories and products. Hopefully you have already been regularly engaging with your audience. With this relationship in place, they may share the post with their audience – driving traffic to your site.2 But remember, it’s critical to think about who would find sharing your pickup’s topic relevant. If they have a connection or interest in your field, the more likely they will be to share it, and share it passionately.3 A tool like Commun.it can be effective because it lets you find influencers who recently interacted with you, so you can pitch them for possible immediate exposure.4 You have worked to procure digital publicity, so don’t forget to keep tabs on what fans, customers and niche markets are saying about you. Using tools such as Hootsuite and Google Alerts allows you to create searches for terms, keywords and hashtags, helping you identify your loyal and potential customers and influential supporters.5 You can be confident that by following these steps after receiving hard-earned media recognition, you’ve ensured your business has made the most of all available avenues for exposure. References:  1 http://blog.discmakers.com/2013/01/make-the-most-of-good-press/ 2 http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2014/05/13/39-actionable-ideas-for-driving-traffic-to-your-website/#1aa9904374ff 3 http://blog.hubspot.com/insiders/infographic-marketing 4 http://socialmediasun.com/how-to-promote-your-infographics/ 5 ibid, Discmakers

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