Mac vs the World

I read something the other day (can’t remember which individual I follow on Twitter said it, so if it was you … speak up) but they said something about how in just a year it was crazy to see the number of iPads brought to conferences from just a year ago. I am starting to use my iPad more and more everyday for business and not just entertainment purposes too. You can see from this graphic how they OWN the tablet market (especially now that HP has bowed out not so gracefully). I have been using my iPhone for business for the last 4 years and don’t know how I ever lived without it. Hate them or not, Apple makes some good stuff that people are eating up and even with Steve Jobs stepping down, it seems like they are not letting up one bit.

Mac vs the World
Mac vs the World

4 thoughts on “Mac vs the World

  1. Colin W. says:

    Great Infographic! Steve Jobs will go down in history as a branding legend. He has set up Apple Inc. in a way that will allow them to easily carry on his legacy of game changing products.

    I was a RIM user, and currently an Android user, and am soon to be an iPhone user.

    I agree with Barry; everyone has them for a reason.

  2. Gary Knight says:

    I have used apple products for over 20 years now. As a graphic designer, i have seen the Apple products change from a basic machine, although specialised, to a major brand which is now widely available to to masses. Over the years I have been a little worried about the direction apple was progressing in. Going from a specialised design tool to a home computer, was worrying for the design trade. Once apple relaesed the IPod i could see what they were up to. It wasn’t about competing with Windows PC’s it was about becoming an industry leader who re-invent the way we live with technology. I can honestly say that I am still 100% behind Apple and their products. I had a Blackberry Storm Phone a few months ago. It was sold to me as a major competitor to the IPhone at the time but once I started using it I could see that it was no way near an apple product. I kept it for just 6 months then bought an Iphone. The rest is history as they say!

  3. Ana @ Deceased Estate Sales says:

    I agree with Gary totally. Everything else simply seem less of a product once you tried out the Apple version of it. And I’m not talking about the functionality (although, enormous part of my reasons for Apple products are “I just plug it in and everything works) but also design!

    In other words, not only that it works, it’s gorgeous! They definitely redesigned the way technology works.