SEO Blogging: Making Your Blog Post SEO Efficient

Talking with a client the other day, I was asked how to write a blog post that is efficient from an SEO prospective, yet is still worthy of a read from her customers; here is the answer.  I have written about this before elsewhere, but figured I might as well post it here too.

Blogging Tip List:

  1. First of all, hopefully you are writing something that is interesting and relates to your reader.  Every now and then I post something that might just be funny, or not really related to the theme of any certain blog I’m writing on, but in most cases if you are in the industry of money management and your traffic visiting your site is hitting it via words related to money management, than by all means write about that topic instead of what you had for breakfast this morning.
  2. Make use of your post title space in the best way possible.  Title space is valuable when looking at a
    SEO Blogging Checklist
    SEO Blogging Checklist

    post for search engine optimization purposes.  Include target keywords in your post title and try to keep the title on target for the post you’ll be writing to not trick or throw your reader.

  3. Make sure the bulk of the content of your post is unique and that you haven’t just copied it from another blog you post on, or from one of your website pages.  You need the content to be unique and you want to make sure you have a post that is long enough at the end of it.  In most cases you want to shoot for at least 300-400 words for a post as content is king.
  4. Make sure to anchor up a few of your target keywords for the post in the content of your post.  Link these words to related pages on your website in an effort to improve your internal links.
  5. Insert a picture or video and title those with related keywords so you have a chance at image search related to your blog post.  Mat is going to be speaking on this topic at SMX West in just a few weeks and will cover some great tips on image search, so don’t miss his session if you are interested.
  6. Try to post on a regular basis.  If you are really looking to grow your readership than you’ll want to post at least 5 times a week (Monday – Friday).  You want to keep your reader coming back to read you again and again and if you only post twice a month that probably is not going to happen.

There you have it.

Best of luck blogging!

4 thoughts on “SEO Blogging: Making Your Blog Post SEO Efficient

  1. Trevor says:

    Great post.

    I’ve also learned that it is ABSOLUTELY critical to structure the post in a way that is easy to read! Whenever I come across a blog that has fatty paragraphs of text, I am much more apt to just kind of skip over it. Unless the blog title is incredibly compelling, I’m not going to trudge through all that text.

    Give it titles; use bold and italics; have numbered or bullet lists, etc…

  2. Daniel Franklin says:

    Creating blog post is a little bit boring for some people. It’s a burden for them to create everyday content for their blog. They could hire somebody to work for them anyway.

  3. Dan McLean says:

    I find that the best blogs come from people who are genuinely enthousiastic about the topic on which they are writing. I know from my own experience that it is so much easier to write about a subject that is close to my heart. When I review my articles after a month or so, the best ones are always on subjects in which I had a real interest.

  4. amit sharma says:

    Great, this post has shown something which should be considered first other than getting into technicalities of writing a post which is unique and SEO friendly. And really like the image you`ve added to your post, great idea 🙂