Avalaunch Media Recognized Among MountainWest Capital Network Top 100

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  For 34 years, MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN) has been a cornerstone for Utah businesses. As the largest business networking group in Utah, their mission is to offer “unprecedented opportunity and promote a unique synergy of intellectual, financial, and entrepreneurial capital.” Every year, MWCN recognizes the top fastest-growing companies in Utah. Avalaunch Media is honored to be recognized in the top 100 for the third year in a row.  

Placing Culture at the Core

A company does not continue to see growth and development without emphasizing the key contributors that drive success. How employees view a company’s culture is not just a recruiting tool—it’s the lifeblood of a company. Creating the right culture from your company takes long-term vision and execution. Simply visualizing a group of happy, productive employees sending virtual high fives is not enough to instill a uniformed mentality and state of wellbeing. The cultural DNA consists of goals, values, habits, systems, and beliefs. And according to this year’s Utah Top 100 keynote speaker, Ron McMillan, respect is the number one principle at the foundation of any successful organization.
Keynote Speaker Ron McMillan. ©Guthrie Pictures

Respect: A Choice Independent of Behavior

Ron McMillan spoke of a personal encounter with a hostage negotiator. He was intrigued to learn that the hostage negotiator goes into every situation with respect in his heart for the perpetrator, because people have a natural propensity to sense disrespect towards them. After Ron’s conversation with the negotiator, he began to understand the importance of respect among all lines of business communication. The dividing difference between effective and nonproductive relationships is respect. According to Ron, we should choose to be respectful. “Treating others with respect does not depend on how we are treated,” he said. “It is our choice independent of others’ behavior.”  
Our own Craig Farmer accepting the award from Gov. Gary Herbert. ©Guthrie Pictures

Fostering a Respectful Work Environment

Google set the bar on corporate culture, and many companies have been trying to foster a similar environment. To some, stepping into Google may seem like entering another dimension. To an outsider, the line between work and relaxation may seem blurred. But what they have ultimately created is an environment where employees choose to be versus have to be. That culture is not just composed of the physical factors of onsite daycare, ping pong tables, and endless catered lunches—rather, by open lines of communication, trust, autonomy, and respect. At Avalaunch Media, it’s clear that mutual respect and autonomy are front and center. Yes, Spikeball tournaments, an abundance of snacks, monthly on-site massages, and open-door policies are great. But what truly drives the growth of Avalaunch is the synergy, collaboration, and common goals for excellence among all employees. So this one’s for you! Cheers to all the employees who push the bar and keep Avalaunch in Utah’s Top 100. Ron said it best: “A group of individuals moving in the same direction is a trend, and this can change culture.”  

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