MSN/Live Search Query Amount up 8.2% in October; Who Cares?

I was talking to a friend the other day that was all excited about his ranking results in MSN and how he was “totally dominating Live”…I had to laugh for a minute because I became quickly aware at how clueless he really was and to be honest for him, ranking in MSN/Live is a pretty big accomplishment since he hasn’t been at the website/SEO game for very long. I congratulated him and gave him a few pointers to help him in Google a bit and he was grateful.

This event I just described came on the coat-tails of me reading a story about total search volume in October breaking the 10 billion query mark, quite impressive and a new record…just look at that number with all the zero’s: 10,000,000,000, that has to make you say WOW, unless you are an oil exec, or the the U.S. Government whom so considerately decided to toss 700,000,000,000 into a worthless aid plan (I’ll stop my ranting now).

Anyway, here is how the 10 billion queries break down across the major engines:

Google: 70.5% market share (a new record)
Yahoo: 18.9% market share
MSN/Live: 6.4% market share

So to answer my question in the title about MSN’s increase in query: Who Cares…certainly not me cause they still get very few searches comparably. Even though their query amount went up 8.2% they barely have the right to call themselves a search engine when they are only getting 6.4% of the search market. Ask was next in line with 2.7%, not far off from the mighty Live and honestly a much better engine in my opinion.

Anybody else have a take?

One thought on “MSN/Live Search Query Amount up 8.2% in October; Who Cares?

  1. Mat Siltala says:

    I am just waiting for Google to tell us how hard up they are because of their stock dropping so much over the last year, and asking for their Gov. bailout.

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