My Latest Twitter Addiction – Twitterfon

After less then a day of using it, I can already tell you that Twitterfon is going to be my biggest addiction of 2009.  I live on my iPhone, work on my iPhone and practically use my iPhone more then my Macbook to get most of my work done.  Obviously, I can’t do all my work on the iPhone, but the amount of time I spend on it – especially because of Twitter – Twitterfon is going to change my life!  LOL – probably not, but its a cool new iPhone App that I found because of an @rustybrick tweet.

One of my biggest gripes for some other Twitter iPhone Apps I found were the fact they cost money , and I didn’t feel like paying.  I also hate that the mobile version of Twitter would not make things like replying easy, and it was so freaking slow too.  Twitterfon has changed how I use Twitter on my iPhone! I am down visiting my inlaws in a small town for New Years, and only have two bars and the Twitterfon app is still screaming fast.  I am able to use Twitter on the Twitterfon app almost as fast, and productive as I can use it on the web version – no kidding.

I took some screen shots that I thought might convince those iPhone users looking for (or thinking about) a better way to use Twitter.  Here is the App itself:

here is a screen shot of how your new tweets show up in one color if they are new, and another color if they are new replies.  You also see at the bottom you can see what you have missed while you were away.

Here you can see the actual reply tab – I love how it shows you the new ones in a different color.  Makes things so easy.  You click on the tweet just like you can email and it gives you more details too.

When you click on a tweet you can see all the options and information it gives you.  My favorite is the reply, but its way cool you can DM and RT from here too.  You can view their profile, go back to the time line – anything you could ever need to do on Twitter!  Thanks again to Barry Schwartz for tweeting about this, and letting me use him as the example here.

So many amazing new things to be playing with Twitter on the iPhone.  I am so glad Twitterfon came across a tweet yesterday!  If you have just been using the mobile version of Twitter like I have, then you are going to love this app!  You will be a much more productive iPhone Twitter user!

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