My Mortgage Tech Summit Deck on Mortgage PPC 101

I had an awesome opportunity to join my friends at Mortgage Tech Summit in Denver, Colorado last week. The conference was for those in the mortgage industry and covered everything from handling leads, to LinkedIn advertising, to CRM’s. The most exciting presentation though was reserved for a special few (really just a few) who got to learn Mortgage PPC at the feet of master Luke (me). In my opinion it was the most important session of the entire conference. We’re sharing that with you today… Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “My Mortgage Tech Summit Deck on Mortgage PPC 101

  1. PrimeOutsourcing says:

    Thank you for sharing this! This material is going to be really helpful for BPO companies that house specialists on social media, PPC, CRM, and the like. It would help them become more efficient staffs. Thanks again!

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