New .co top level domain will soon be available!

As you know, “co” is the standard abbreviation for company and .co will soon be available as a top level domain (“TLD”)! Up until now, this TLD has only been available within Colombia as the country’s ‘code’. This new TLD will provide a big traffic opportunity for business owners and search marketers as .co is a very common misspelling of .com.

Dates for registration

From April 26 to June 10 registered trademark owners will have the exclusive ability to register the new .co TLD for their registered trademark. (Needless to say, if you own a protected term you will certainly want to register it during this period!) After that protected period general public registration of .co TLD’s will begin in July.


The .co opportunity = additional traffic and brand management.
The .co risk = a cybersquatter registering your company’s trade name or marks before your do.
The goal = securing your company’s .co opportunity.

Good luck!

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