Next Up To The Cutting Block – Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel announced today that they will be cutting 8,000 jobs during this first quarter in an effort to eliminate costs of $1.2 billion (yes that is with a “b”).  That’s an average salary for those 8,000 employees being cut of $150,000.  That seems like a pretty high figure to me as I’m assuming many of these cuts will have to come from their production and administrative side as Sprint Nextel stated they are not expecting to see many cuts from the customer service and network quality divisions as customer service is a priority to them; yeah right, customer service a priority for a phone company, don’t make me laugh.  This cut totals about 14% of the company workforce.  CEO Dan Hesse had the following to say regarding this recent news:
“Labor reductions are always the most difficult action to take, but many companies are finding it necessary in this environment.  Our commitment to quality will not change.”
You can read the full story here: Sprint Nextel cutting 8,000 jobs.

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