13 Tools to Crush PPC Reporting

All PPC account managers know that dreaded feeling  that comes as their monthly reporting days approach.  That is, of course, if they don’t have an automated reporting tool already in place.

Reporting is an important part of PPC management.  The client (or upper management) needs to know if we are hitting goals, or at least making progress.  It also gives us the opportunity each month to prove our worth and hopefully continue to earn a paycheck.

For those PPC managers out there who are looking for automated PPC reporting, I have begun compiling a list of reporting tools/services (see the goodness below).  Full disclosure, I have not demoed all of these tools and the list does not go into the features and benefits of each service.  However, it does provide trial periods, pricing, contract lengths, and PPC Networks integration data.  Most of the data has been gathered from each tool provider’s website (links are included). Keep in mind that some tool providers work hard to keep this info secret so that you will have to contact them to get prices.  When doing so, it can be helpful to contact these providers before signing up as several are negotiable on price.

Obviously, not all of these prices can be compared apples to apples, as several of these reporting tools include bid management tools, which can provide a huge value, but can also drive the cost way up with percent of adspend costs of up to 5%.

13 thoughts on “13 Tools to Crush PPC Reporting

  1. John Carter says:

    Can’t play too conservatively when you’re doing PPC. You have to bid to win that traffic. You should be receiving >90% impression share of the keywords you are bidding on and that means bidding a little higher sometimes. What happens is that you have to have an optimized sales process to justify the ability to bid higher. If you make more per sale, you can bid more per click, and squash your competition.

  2. Kara Grupe says:

    Hello Luke, thanks so much for the chart. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to compare all of the different programs. Do you have a more recent/updated list for 2016? Thanks.

  3. Renjith says:

    Would appreciate if you could add http://www.reportdash.com/ to the list. ReportDash is dead simple to use, at the same time comprehensive enough for all the advanced use case.
    It has ton of other features to make reporting a breeze.
    Disclaimer: I happen to be one of the co founders of the company

  4. Garrett Kite says:

    What are your thoughts on Ninja Cat? We’ve been looking in to using them and notice that they list Avalaunch on their site as one of their clients. It’s not cheap, but seems like a good reporting option for both PPC and SEO.

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