Pubcon Hawaii 2012 Slide Deck on Blended SERPs

Had a blast in Hawaii during Pubcon Paradise 2012. Here is my slide deck for those that may have not found it already on SlideDeck. This presentation explored the blended world of social coming into play in the SERPs. With sites like G+, Facebook and Twitter filling up the SERPs you need to make sure your business is on it, or get left behind. Also added a pretty sweet SERP case study in which Brian LaFrance of Authority Labs helped me with. The case study shows how 1 in 3 results of the top 2560 keywords on SpyFu are actual Facebook or Twitter (or both) URLs. In other words, your business can no longer avoid these social networks (and you can no longer avoid them as an SEO). I had a blast in Hawaii and hope to do it again next year! Enjoy the slide deck!

4 thoughts on “Pubcon Hawaii 2012 Slide Deck on Blended SERPs

    • Mat Siltala says:

      very true man. the crazy thing is those that were in the audience were still on the fence as to join places like G+ afterwords. Hawaii has got some catching up to do – I might move there JUST for the HUGE opportunities that can be taken advantage of.

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  2. Yvonne says:

    Interesting stats from the case study, I knew the social media sites were very prevalent on the first page of searches but I didn’t know it was that extreme.

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