Pubcon Vegas 2010 Baby!

pubcon session
Pubcon Competitive Intelligence Session

As always, I am looking forward to Pubcon Vegas 2010 baby!  I really have no time to post right now, so this is not going to be an amazing list of why I think you should attend or anything like that.  However; many people have been asking me lately on Twitter, Facebook & via email which conferences I would recommend the most.  In other words, if their boss (or personal budget) only let them pick 2 or 3 a year – which ones would I recommend they attend?

Pubcon is on my top 3 list, and always has been.  I love the networking opportunities, the content is heavily focused on SEO & related topics that support & it’s VEGAS!!!

This year I will be speaking on a couple panels (Tools for Competitive Intelligence & a site review on Brand & Reputation Management, and my partner David Mink will be speaking on the legal panel again, Domain Names & Trademarks – make sure to come up and say hi (I may look mean, but I’m not) Just ask Andy Beal 🙂

David Mink Pubcon
David Mink at Pubcon 2009

3 thoughts on “Pubcon Vegas 2010 Baby!

  1. Kirsty says:

    I love to attend a pubcon someday and I am hoping that it would happen 2 years from now. So eager to meet all those webmaster for years already who have been successful on their online business.