Should I Remove My Twitter Feed From Facebook? You Decide For Me

I kept seeing people that I follow and admire tweet about removing your Twitter feed from your Facebook because (they feel) its just one big duplicate Twitter site.  I have thought there is confusion sometimes myself, but for the most part I am never on Facebook, but I have lots of friends and people who only check up on Facebook.  I usually just get annoyed at people responding to my Twitter updates on Facebook when I would rather then respond on Twitter.

Kenny Hyder Hates Twitter on Facbook
Kenny Hyder Hates Twitter on Facbook

With all that said; I am at a loss because I want those people (on Facbook that are not using Twitter) to see what I am up to, but I do not want to have to go and update two “status” places.  That could get annoying real quick (why I no longer Plurk).

I decided to do a poll on Facebook and see if my friends wanted me to remove my Twitter feed and it was split 50/50 (of course there was only two people that answered me back so I still feel I have no answer).  Here is what Nate Moller from @mollermarketing said:  Right now, I agree with Nate and I want to keep my feed going.

Nate Moller Likes Twitter on Facebook
Nate Moller Likes Twitter on Facebook

I feel the poll was useful because I got an amazing response from my friend @garettstenson, who shares his idea of how to fix the problem – so maybe in the hopes of a Facebook App developer reading this – it will give you a good idea.  Here is what Garett said:

It would be cool to custom-script a “Twitter-Facebook Translator” App – what I mean is, your Twitter content/links are great, but all the Twitter lingo you post (ie @ symbols, #symbols, tinyurl’s, etc) gets confusing in Facebook. Especially for those that don’t use Twitter. What if your translator app “scrubbed down” your Twitter feed and made it more personal and less mechanical? Just a thought… I also think you should integrate your Blog more… your Blog is so good it should be splashed everywhere! Especially your “How-to Facebook” posts.

I could not agree more and I have been wondering about a solution like this for a long time.  Maybe there is one and I just don’t know about it.  Even if there was a solution do you still think that having your Twitter status on Facebook is a good idea or not?  I would love this to be a good discussion and see what people rally think?  Thanks in advance, because you are going to help me decide if I pull my feed or not.

8 thoughts on “Should I Remove My Twitter Feed From Facebook? You Decide For Me

  1. Jordan Garn says:

    I think syncing your Twitter to Facebook is a good idea for most people. I like how everything stays connected, I use Twitter as a base to connect to multiple social networks.

  2. Nate Moller says:

    Thanks for this post. Here’s why I wouldn’t remove my Twitter feed from Facebook:

    1. EXPOSURE: Facebook is becoming more and more popular. Not only is it a great place to network, but people are there frequently. Like you, Mat, I don’t go there too often, but at times I tweet so my Facebook friends will wonder what I’m up to 🙂 The more I can get exposure to what I’m doing, the better. The Facebook Twitter connection helps that exposure.

    2. REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Because of the Twitter app in Facebook, friends from high school and college think I’m best friends with @the_real_shaq 🙂 JK! I have had friends ask “What’s Twitter?” which has give me a chance to share a bit of what I’ve learned, possibly opening doors to do consulting for their business ventures.

    Overall, I think the Twitter App in Facebook is a keeper and, like Guy Kawasaki once said about complaints that he’s “Twitter Spam” – “If people don’t like how I do things, they don’t have to follow me!”

    Look forward to the additional feedback you get.

  3. Mat Siltala says:

    @Nate Moller
    Great comment and arguement Nate. It’s hard to disagree with the points you make. I agree and want to keep it, and so far it’s 2-0 in favor of keeping. Please share this post with all you know that use FB and Twitter. Thx Nate!

  4. Mat Siltala says:

    @Kenny Hyder
    Here is the deal Kenny – I 100% agree with you – but there are certain people who I am connected with on Facebook that DO NOT use Twitter – and having at least one type of status update is better then nothing IMO – so that’s why I tossed this out there because I am just as confused trying to figure out how I want to go about it from here on out. One the one hand its great because I only ever have to manage one, but on the bad hand I confuse people and push a lot of dup. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Sharon Odom says:

    I’m trying to decide the same thing, and went so far as to try to remove my Twitter feed from Facebook but it didn’t work, which is how I ended up here. My Facebook friends who don’t use Twitter often comment on things that I post on Twitter, which is nice because then I’m reminded to go to Facebook and respond. So if I remove the Twitter feed, they won’t know what’s going on with me because I probably wouldn’t go on Facebook otherwise, Twitter is the only place I post updates because it’s so easy and quick. I’ll check back to see what you decided, and maybe I’ll ask my Facebook friends if they want to see the tweets. Thanks!

  6. Gary Sykes says:

    Great post Mat. I used to just have the Twitter App in Facebook update my status from Twitter, but I have found not all my tweets on twitter (and RTs etc) are relevant to my friends on Facebook. With facebook, I’m dealing more with friends and family whereas with Twitter I’m dealing with business associates and topics within my profession. So now, with TweetDeck I’ll select if a tweet should just go to twitter or just facebook or go to both. I’ve only just started using this method, and who knows maybe I’ll switch it back, but so far I like the separation.

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