Social Media WIN (for a change)

In a world of Social Media fails it’s refreshing and worthwhile to point out a win. People are quick to point out when a company does something wrong, why don’t we point out when they do something right instead?! AMIRIGHT? Here’s the story: Here at Avalaunch Media we use the retargeting platform Adroll for our PPC Lead Generation. We like it. We really do. In fact, they rock and roll!

I mentioned them in a tweet last week when talking to my #PPCChat amigos: They responded back later that day with a fun tweet that had some personality. A real person was actually talking to me like a real person! A play on words! Hah. I saw what they did there… ‘Roll with you! That’s like, their name but ‘Roll as a verb instead of a noun! I snickered and up’d the ante: Get it? It’s like that song that is actually this, but I usually think of this instead (and Weird Al nearly describes me to a T, minus first in my class at MIT). I thought Adroll might not get the reference, as they are from SF and probably not as gangsta as us in Utah, but they did! They fired one right back and WON: Simply awesome to see a real company, with real personality, with a real good product, winning on social media. Seen any good examples of Social Media Wins lately? Share away! Rock on Adroll. UPDATE: Adroll responded back… and I’m not surprised!

1 thoughts on “Social Media WIN (for a change)

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