Superstition Springs Lexus Of Mesa Arizona Needs To Learn A Lesson

Ok, I am usually not one for ranting, and especially ranting and then blogging about it but this one has a lesson to be taught so that is why I am going to rant away! So my Lexus is letting me know its time to take it in to be serviced, and we are also due for a tire rotation so my wife gets online and is looking to make the appointment and come across a coupon for a free tire rotation – SCORE – Right?  Wrong! It turns out that when I called to make the appointment and try to use the coupon, it has been expired for over two weeks.  So my next question, (promptly) was “why the hell is it still on your website?” and the lady just blew me off like it was no big deal.  Here is the coupon code (as of tonight it was still on the site) picture for proof that they are two weeks late in updating their site:
Superstitions Springs Lexus Makes Online Mistake
Superstitions Springs Lexus Makes Online Mistake
I am here to tell you people, it is a big deal, and an even bigger deal when you are a bigger company like Lexus is.  It is just plain un-acceptable IMHO when a company like this makes such an avoidable mistake online. There is a lesson to be learned though, and that is to make sure and always have your website updated, especially if you are operating a website that is highly trafficked like I know this one is.  If you are offering coupons, or coupon codes to your customers then make sure they are valid and you have the right dates on them. One other thing I would recommend is making sure to take care of the customer in a situation like this.  If Lexus would have just said, “you know what, its our fault and we will still honor that coupon”  I would have never blogged about it, or made a fuss.  So this can turn into a reputation management problem/post really quickly if you catch my drift. The Superstition Springs Lexus in Mesa Arizona needs to learn a lesson in better website maintenance and customer service.  If they still want to rectify the situation, its not to late – email me at mat [at] gmail [dot] com, but I do thank them for giving me a good opportunity to blog and teach a lesson to my readers!

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