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His question: “Can I get busted?” My answer below.

I received the following ‘hypothetical’ question by email this week. (*Disclaimer: This is a hypothetical question receiving a general information answer.) The Question: “If a person has an email list, about say classic trucks, and then that person hit’s the list with an affiliate promotion for a marketing product; Is that spam?” I believe the […]

The 411 on Spam Laws

As of 2008 there are 37 states in the USA, which have passed an anti-spam law to regulate unsolicited commercial email. Each one of these 37 states has a unique law, as there is no uniform state law. Despite there being no uniform law most anti-spam statutes, as well as the federal CAN SPAM ACT, […]

Noticed a drop off in your spam haul this week?

If you hate spam you may have experienced a very pleasant surprise this week – the volume of unsolicited commercial email, a.k.a. spam, has dropped by almost 66% this week thanks to McColo Corp’s demise. McColo is a northern-California based hosting provider, which was responsible for nearly 75% of spam sent each day. Great news, […]