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The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid On Craigslist

Spelling – check it twice. Check your spelling twice, especially in the title. Did I mention spelling? I came across this posting tonight and had to share it.  If you are going to post an obnoxious Craigslist title (that gets more eyes), make sure you are spelling all your words correctly – or it makes […]

Methods To Never Sell Anything On Craigslist

Over the weekend I purchased some patio furniture from Craigslist.  It was a nice 7-piece set that sells in the stores for over 1k (I paid 1/4 of that).  I found a couple that was moving because of a job, and they were getting rid of a lot of their stuff – patio furniture included (no […]

How I Got 23 Phone Calls and 9 Emails and Sold My Car in 3 Hours on Craigslist

I recently made a decision to sell my car because I want to buy a new cross-over SUV so I have a little more room in the vehicle for things and what not. My old car (I now say old car because I sold it in about 3 hours after listing it) was a 2001 […]