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Google Offers Live in Portland & New York Is Next

Google Offers Quick Facts: How is it Promoted? • Email to Subscribers • Google shopper app. • Google network Businesses can Limit the offer: • Limit how many offers sold • Limit Redeemable by date • Limit on Areas Serviced* • Limit Uses Per Customer *important for pest control guys Offer runs for a 24 […]

Google Adds Video Preview to Universal Search Results

Google update: Youtube gets video previews in Google’s Universal Search. Google recently added the website previews. Now Google is adding video previews. Not all video results are getting this preview. Those that do get previews include Youtube videos, 5min.com and Discovery videos. But sites like MetaCafe.com, videojug.com, and break.com, while still being found in the […]

Google Adwords Will Be Removing Position Preference

Google Adwords will be removing position preference. The feature has already been disabled. But for those that would be grandfathered in, they are removing this option entirely come May 2011. This announcement came via a message within the Adwords. Announcement: Retiring the position preference setting In early May, we’ll be removing the option to set […]

Google Adwords Express -The Pros & the Pests to Automated Local Advertising

Google Boost is now Adwords Express Local search marketing may be in it’s infancy for Google, but this baby is booming. In two short years they have grown through a 10-pack, to a 7-pack, to a mixed local and organic result. They have further added a revenue stream with Google Sponsored tags (Yellow tags) and […]

Facebook Facial Recognition a Privacy Issue?

Facebook recently announced it’s facial recognition software and so shouts of “Privacy Issues” are screaming across the blogosphere. But how much of a privacy issue is it?  The statement used by Facebook, “We’ve automatically grouped similar pictures”. Background, lighting, and other elements of the image can be used to group similar pictures.  In fact, Techcrunch reported […]

Interview with Bing and Google via Suggest

After a recent conversation with Mat Siltala touching upon the accuracy of Google Suggest, we’ve decided to go straight to the source and interview both Google Suggest and Bing Suggest. Uh… In Spanish? …Bien, Gracias. Bing, how are you? Well Bing you seem to have a lot more to say. I hope you are not […]