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Helping The Unbelievers, Believe – In Twitter That Is

I had an amazing meeting this afternoon with 3 of the coolest guys you would ever be so lucky to meet. These guys are clients of mine, who wanted to discuss Twitter as well as the best ways to leverage its power. Everyone of these guys (up to this point) were WAY TOO COOL to […]

The Number One Question I Am Asked About Twitter

I’ll get right to it – I am always getting asked how to get more followers on Twitter, which to be honest I think is funny because I really don’t think I have a “TON” of followers myself. However; I am sitting close to 1100 followers and feel I have a pretty good idea of […]

8 Gurus That “Get” Twitter Answer Questions

I love getting feedback from my readers. I especially love getting questions; and do my best to help at any opportunity.  The other day I received a question from “Lise” about using Twitter.  She had some valid questions and points of concern regarding Twitter that I wanted to address in a blog post.  To do […]

4 Real Offline Uses Of Twitter

I love when I see businesses who are using social marketing to its fullest potential.  I particularly love to see them incorporating their social media marketing into their offline promotions.  It is fun to see things I had not yet thought of.  I will typically write these strategies down and keep them in my bank […]

4 Very Real Reasons To Have A Blog

I have been blogging for several years now and am a big proponent of blog use. In fact, last week I was conducting a webinar and got carried away preaching about the importance of company blogging. During the webinar I was asked again if having a blog was “essential” for a company. The questioner wanted […]

Any Thoughts On Mark Cuban Getting Fined 25k?

Everybody has heard about this by now, but I am wondering what real people that use Twitter think about Mark Cuban getting fined 25k by the NBA for Twittering bad stuff about the refs?  I am not interested in what the media (most of whom have never even used Twitter) think.  I am not one […]

Should I Remove My Twitter Feed From Facebook? You Decide For Me

I kept seeing people that I follow and admire tweet about removing your Twitter feed from your Facebook because (they feel) its just one big duplicate Twitter site.  I have thought there is confusion sometimes myself, but for the most part I am never on Facebook, but I have lots of friends and people who […]

What Kind Of Chatter Are You Monitoring Via Twitter?

Its no secret that I love Twitter, and can’t live without it (in fact – feel free to follow me).  Even other people, like I found on Twitter today, share my addiction of Twitter and may need Twitter interventions: I went on to answer @SEOAly that it was not possible because I had tried several […]

How To Get A Link On The Skittles Home Page

Just do a tweet with the word Skittles in it,  (LOL) even if the link will only last for about two seconds … Ok, so that part of this post is a little bait and joke, but Twitter is venturing into the world of social media and I want to know what your thoughts are […]

Viral Marketing Ideas For Physician Offices

During SMX West 2009 Andy did a great job live blogging the sessions he attended, and a comment came through on one of the posts he did asking for ideas, or “out-of-the-box” marketing tactics that could work for physicians offices: Creative Marketing Tactics for Physician Offices?  I would like to know of any creative “out-of-the-box” […]