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4 Real Offline Uses Of Twitter

I love when I see businesses who are using social marketing to its fullest potential.  I particularly love to see them incorporating their social media marketing into their offline promotions.  It is fun to see things I had not yet thought of.  I will typically write these strategies down and keep them in my bank […]

4 Very Real Reasons To Have A Blog

I have been blogging for several years now and am a big proponent of blog use. In fact, last week I was conducting a webinar and got carried away preaching about the importance of company blogging. During the webinar I was asked again if having a blog was “essential” for a company. The questioner wanted […]

Any Thoughts On Mark Cuban Getting Fined 25k?

Everybody has heard about this by now, but I am wondering what real people that use Twitter think about Mark Cuban getting fined 25k by the NBA for Twittering bad stuff about the refs?  I am not interested in what the media (most of whom have never even used Twitter) think.  I am not one […]

Should I Remove My Twitter Feed From Facebook? You Decide For Me

I kept seeing people that I follow and admire tweet about removing your Twitter feed from your Facebook because (they feel) its just one big duplicate Twitter site.  I have thought there is confusion sometimes myself, but for the most part I am never on Facebook, but I have lots of friends and people who […]

What Kind Of Chatter Are You Monitoring Via Twitter?

Its no secret that I love Twitter, and can’t live without it (in fact – feel free to follow me).  Even other people, like I found on Twitter today, share my addiction of Twitter and may need Twitter interventions: I went on to answer @SEOAly that it was not possible because I had tried several […]

How To Get A Link On The Skittles Home Page

Just do a tweet with the word Skittles in it,  (LOL) even if the link will only last for about two seconds … Ok, so that part of this post is a little bait and joke, but Twitter is venturing into the world of social media and I want to know what your thoughts are […]

Viral Marketing Ideas For Physician Offices

During SMX West 2009 Andy did a great job live blogging the sessions he attended, and a comment came through on one of the posts he did asking for ideas, or “out-of-the-box” marketing tactics that could work for physicians offices: Creative Marketing Tactics for Physician Offices?  I would like to know of any creative “out-of-the-box” […]

5 Ways To Sniff Out Twitter Spam

Crappy name Boasting about making money following crazy number of people only a few following back One Update Amazing folks, just amazing!  And – yes, its the combination of all 5 things listed here that SCREAMS Twitter SPAM! UPDATE: 2/2/09 Just wanted you to know that I checked on this account today (its been a […]

Here Is Why You MUST Have A Facebook Page

I have a neighbor that is an amazing web developer and is so immersed in what he does, that until recently (after chatting with me) I rarely saw him do anything with social networks.  A few months ago I got him on Twitter, taught him the ropes, and he experienced immediate power and success with […]

Social Media Case Study: Phoenix Suns making the most of Twitter

Phoenix Suns fan My close friends know that I have always been a big Phoenix Suns fan. It is hard not to like an organization that consistently puts a winning team on the floor and has always had some of the most likable guys in the league: Kevin Johnson, “Thunder” Dan Majerle, Jeff “Horny” Hornacek, […]