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5 Ways To Sniff Out Twitter Spam

Crappy name Boasting about making money following crazy number of people only a few following back One Update Amazing folks, just amazing!  And – yes, its the combination of all 5 things listed here that SCREAMS Twitter SPAM! UPDATE: 2/2/09 Just wanted you to know that I checked on this account today (its been a […]

Here Is Why You MUST Have A Facebook Page

I have a neighbor that is an amazing web developer and is so immersed in what he does, that until recently (after chatting with me) I rarely saw him do anything with social networks.  A few months ago I got him on Twitter, taught him the ropes, and he experienced immediate power and success with […]

Social Media Case Study: Phoenix Suns making the most of Twitter

Phoenix Suns fan My close friends know that I have always been a big Phoenix Suns fan. It is hard not to like an organization that consistently puts a winning team on the floor and has always had some of the most likable guys in the league: Kevin Johnson, “Thunder” Dan Majerle, Jeff “Horny” Hornacek, […]

Facebook Tutorials; How To Set Up Feeds

Because so many people have been asking me how to get their Facebook pages to automatically post when they share something on their blog, or Twitter etc. I wanted to take this opportunity to answer the question I got today from Nichole, and help anyone else who may be needing it. Hey Matt- I want […]

Call It Whatever You Want But Does It Make You Money?

This week alone I have read at least 5 different articles talking about so-called social media experts, and if you can really call yourself a social media expert in such a new field.  Only one of these articles I read made a point worth mentioning here, and that was Michael Gray who pointed out: So […]

How To Use Social Media Offline

A couple days ago I got some new business cards in the mail, and I am really pleased with how they turned out.  Business cards have been a form of offline marketing for as long as any of you can probably remember, but as I was designing my new ones I really wanted to find […]

My Latest Twitter Addiction – Twitterfon

After less then a day of using it, I can already tell you that Twitterfon is going to be my biggest addiction of 2009.  I live on my iPhone, work on my iPhone and practically use my iPhone more then my Macbook to get most of my work done.  Obviously, I can’t do all my […]