The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid On Craigslist

  • Spelling – check it twice.
  • Check your spelling twice, especially in the title.
  • Did I mention spelling?

I came across this posting tonight and had to share it.  If you are going to post an obnoxious Craigslist title (that gets more eyes), make sure you are spelling all your words correctly – or it makes you look like a MORON (and people will be afraid of you):  (what is “MOST SELL” anyway? – Oh, MUST SELL)  Now I am not perfect and I have got my spelling wrong at times, but never on Craigslist, and especially on my titles.  Double check them titles and you will have more people giving your listing a serious look.

Mistakes to avoid when using Craigslist
Mistakes to avoid when using Craigslist

5 thoughts on “The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid On Craigslist

  1. Dataflurry says:

    LMAO – too funny. I have been shopping for a commuter car recently and I have seen the same thing. The thing that annoys me most is when people post ads with irrelevant keywords. For example, I have been looking for a honda civic and people will post their GEO Metro with a spammy keywords list in the ad so that their car shows up when you are looking for a civic.

  2. Kim Ramsey says:

    LOL Well, we can’t do something about it. I can see lots of postings like this one in forums. Admittedly, I refused to transact with them because its automatic that it would be difficult to understand what they are saying when you start talking with them. That’s what I hate most!

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