Voted One of the Top Places to Work In Utah

Best Places to work in Utah
Avalaunch Media employees Ting Xiao, left, and Carolyn Alder receive the Utah’s Top Workplaces Award on behalf of the company at an event on Nov. 8. Photo Credit: Ash & Co Photography

Every second Wednesday, Avalaunch Media employees file into the conference room for a company meeting. Special company announcements are made and any new employees are asked three questions about themselves. Then, the floor opens for shoutouts, and there is an outpouring of appreciation as employees publicly thank and applaud each other. That is the spirit of Avalaunch Media and why we were voted one of the top places to work in Utah!

A culture of employee appreciation is one of the reasons that Avalaunch Media was named one of Utah’s Top Workplaces in 2019. The Salt Lake Tribune, which sponsors the Utah’s Top Workplaces Awards, recognized the businesses that made the list at The Leonardo Museum on Friday, November 8. 

Utah’s Top Workplaces honors small, medium, and large businesses around the state that provide an excellent work culture and opportunities for its employees. Avalaunch Media ranked No. 34 in the small business category. 

Tim Fitzpatrick, executive vice president of the Salt Lake Tribune, spoke to those in attendance about how a business’ culture and environment can impact its chances of success, and the importance of recognizing businesses who create a positive workplace environment. 

“Strategies come and go, but cultures persist. And good culture can produce good strategies endlessly,” he said. “You’re making Utah better with your workforces.” 

The Salt Lake Tribune worked with the research company Energage to select the businesses for the award. Energage sent anonymous employee surveys to more than 1,300 Utah employers, then analyzed the results. The survey measured employee satisfaction in multiple categories, including how much employees feel appreciated, whether employees feel their work is meaningful, and the level of care and concern supervisors show employees.

Avalaunch’s survey results showed that the most common words employees associated with Avalaunch culture were “outside the box, training, recognize, solutions, skills, fulfilling, great people, organized, growing, help, love, confident, and trust.” These words align with Avalaunch’s official core values, which include “Trust the Team” and “Project positivity.” 

Here is what some Avalaunch employees say about working at Avalaunch:

“Avalaunch Media is a company where respect and appreciation flow from the top down. Every team member is willing to assist you in any way they can, regardless of title or seniority. Avalaunch’s culture evolves as each new employee brings their own light and perspective to the company, creating an atmosphere of constant improvement and open-mindedness,” said Hannah Davis, copywriting team lead, who has been on the team for 3.5 years.

“Avalaunch is different. We go to lengths to find individuals that will not only bring a great skill set, but also a great attitude and unique personality that will add to the culture. We are an agency that is transparent and cares. One of our core values is “Thrive on communication” – our leadership values one-on-one meetings with our team-members and gathering feedback to help shape not only our individual team’s culture, but also the culture of our company,” said Beau Graves, vice president of client strategy, who has been on the team for 5 years. 

“The culture at Avalaunch is very inviting and friendly. Everyone is there to help each other and help them progress,” said Allison Hurd, a social media intern. 

“Avalaunch is a great place to work because of the numerous opportunities to grow. Not only does the company stress career growth, but it also emphasizes personal growth through activities like book club, lunch and learn, volunteer opportunities, and yoga,” said Nicole Jensen, director of client relations, who has been on the team for 6 years. 

“When a client walks into our office and sees our ‘MTV wall’ mural, they get the sensation our creative team is something special. Our culture is to be at the cutting edge of all that we do. From writing and designing for big brands including Under Armour and Red Bull, to thrilling startups with a new logo or website, to producing entertaining presentations each Google Day — we thrive on exceeding all expectations,” said Craig Farmer, quality director of creative services, who has been on the team for 4 years.

Avalaunch Media strives to create a welcoming, friendly, and supportive work environment every day. We value all of our employees and the hard work they put into every project. If you don’t believe us, just come to the shout-out section of our bi-weekly meetings. 

10 thoughts on “Voted One of the Top Places to Work In Utah

  1. Shauntel Isham says:

    My love for Avalaunch is off the charts! Coolest company culture, coolest clients, coolest bosses! I love it!

  2. Dave Mink says:

    This may be my favorite award Avalaunch has won because it represents the result of a real commitment to working with great people and recognizing and welcoming their ideas and contributions!

  3. Nikita Krebs says:

    I’m so grateful to be part of the Avalaunch team! I love working in such an inspiring environment with the greatest teammates and clients. Such a well-deserved award!

  4. Beau G. says:

    So awesome! What an amazing team we have here. So proud to be a part of it. I’m partial but I definitely think it is the best digital marketing agency in the state. So grateful for such a dedicated team.

  5. George Banner says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Love the culture, quality of work, people, just everything about this place!