Twitter Getting More Offline Love – Its About Time

Many Uses of Twitter
Many Uses of Twitter
As I was driving home yesterday from the Cardinals game (which I will be posting about) I heard a local radio station telling people to follow them on Twitter, and to check their Twitter page out for the latest updates and contests etc. I was super impressed to hear this. I have been wondering why more radio stations don’t tap into the power of Twitter and using it for these exact reasons! I am also glad that more of these places are getting away from referring people to their MySpace pages. MySpace had their time and chance to get better, but didn’t – and their service IMO has just gotten worse. Twitter is simple and easy to use and understand and is an amazing platform for promotions and contests. There are few social networks that I just can’t get enough of and Twitter is one of them. If you own a local business and are reading this, or just hearing about Twitter for the first time – go to Twitter and sign up for an account today! There are some amazing resources out there for getting started with Twitter. A few of the places I recommend you visit include: That is a huge list that should keep you busy!  I just want to make sure businesses (online and off) are doing everything they can to take advantage of the amazing things that Twitter will do for them!  As always – please follow me on Twitter and comment and add to this list if you have a link that you feel would help someone new to Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Getting More Offline Love – Its About Time

  1. Nate Moller says:

    Thanks for the helpful resources on Twitter. It’s fun to be at the “ground level” of the Twitter experience and see all the potential that can come from connecting with the right people on Twitter. I agree, radio stations, TV Channels, and any media source needs to have a Twitter account, even if they’re just using it to “broadcast” what’s happening (although interaction is great too).

    I know @zappos ( uses Twitter as a customer service outlet. It can’t get too much cheaper than that and effective too!

    Thanks for the article. I’ll look forward to the Kurt Warner pics too!

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