Viral Marketing Monday – A Well Executed Example

This morning when I was taking the kids to school I was listening to my normal morning show, The John Jay & Rich show here in Arizona. I freaking love these guys, and I promise you will not find any two people that will make you laugh harder in the morning – anywhere. They did something different this morning though, that impressed the viral marketer in me.

They had a bet going with a girl who is also a part of the show that John Jay, (one of the DJs) could not memorize a Jay Z song and perform it perfectly. If he did then this girl had to strip down naked, take pictures and post them to the web. Well he did, and she got naked, and the pictures were posted to the web; with one twist. You had to click through over 1100 pictures before you got to the pictures where she was naked. So if you really wanted to see this girl naked you had to click through 1100 other pictures first, and its not set up so you can just change the URL and get to the end. You had to click your way through – no way around it.

What did this do for them? They were getting so much traffic it was taking their server down. I am not sure if this was true, but at one point Rich (the other DJ) said that there was currently 1.8 million on the site. It was making me laugh cause they had no clue about hosting, bandwidth etc and all they kept doing is complaining how slow it was, or how the server kept going down. Even people were calling in telling them the server kept going down. They made comments like, Perez Hilton gets this much all the time and his site never goes down etc. These guys need to be taught about hosting, dedicated servers and a bunch of other stuff.

That kind of traffic, the clicking on website (clicking all the pictures), and time spent on website is all going to help the over all health of the site (so long as they can keep it up) on Google. When something like this goes viral online, it helps out the “trust” factor in getting your rankings improved, and overall traffic from that point forward will just increase. You will probably start to rank for keywords you never even were going after. Also, all the people like me, talking about them, giving them links is the most important thing to consider when launching a viral campaign like this one. One other important factor is the Alexa ranking will get better, and so will their results on the other major search engines as a result of it.

The point here – is to make sure that your viral campaigns are sticky, and that your website in general, is sticky and gives people reasons to keep staying on and looking more and more. Give them reasons to click and click and click and stay as long as they possibly can. You figure out how to launch a viral campaign as successful as these two DJs did, you will see huge results.

1 thoughts on “Viral Marketing Monday – A Well Executed Example

  1. Jerry Davis says:

    Great post Matt, I have to tell you that after reading this I decided to go find those pictures and honestly, my clicking fingers are rather tired. Clicking through 1100 pictures is quite a task ;o)

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